First Timer Checklist

We are headed to WDW at the end of the month with two toddlers, my 60+ in-laws, my husband, his sister, and myself (all around our 30s), and I’m the only one who has been before! They are all pretty easy-going and don’t know much of what to expect. Some of the things I’d like to do with them as first timers include:

  1. Picture in front of Cinderella’s castle (duh!).
  2. Meet Mickey (have Chef Mickey dinner planned).
  3. Get “first visit” buttons for them.

What are some other items you’d put on a “first timers” must-do list? Would love to hear what you would do and any secret tips to make their trip special :sparkles:

I would do day 1 in MK for sure. FP for meeting mickey includes minnie as well right now which is really cute and a great way to start the trip. I would also plan for the parade and fireworks if the toddlers can handle it.


I agree with @Cgerres Fireworks and parade is a must for first timers. Remember that it can be overwhelming for your first visit especially with toddlers. If you can plan a break outside of the park, maybe a lunch at a monorail loop resort?
Some of the less popular rides / attractions can sometimes be the most special for a first timer. Save these for when the park gets busy. Tiki Room, People Mover, Carousel of Progress (my personal fav - my kids hate it :slight_smile: , Mickey’s Philharmagic etc.
The best thing about WDW is you’ll find your own fav’s. The first time is always the best. :wink:


I agree on the not-headliners, which are going to be better for your toddlers anyway. What a stress release to not have to try for the Mountains!! So, Dumbo, Pooh, Regal Carrousel, if they like Beauty and the Beast then Enchanted Tales with Belle. Under the Sea, maybe Barnstormer, Tea Cups (note: you do not have to do the spinning!), Pooh, Muppet show in Liberty Square, Tiki, Magic Carpets/Aladdin, Jungle Cruise, Swiss Family, Monsters Laugh Floor, PhilharMagic, Tom Sawyer Island. After all, Disney was created for children!