First Timer at WDW

Hi! I’m going on my very first ever trip to WDW in just over a month. I have all my ADR’s and my FPP’s all set. But I’ve got some questions, and I need your expert advice.

I’m traveling solo (mid-twenties, adventurous type). Is there anything in particular that I should take advantage of as a solo traveler? I mean, besides the single-rider line.

And what general advice do you have for a noob? I live down the street from Disneyland and am an AP holder, so I’m not new to Disney, just to the Florida parks.

Also, I was thinking of bringing a Woody plush toy and giving it to whichever kid I lose to at TSMM (and I will lose, I play when I go to Disneyland, and I’m terrible). Is that a fun idea, or is that a terrible plan?

The woody plush sounds nice, just be sure to not creep out the parents.

Being solo you have the options of sitting at the bar for food, I know you said you have your ADRs but something to keep in mind.

I have not done a truly solo trip, but I have had lots of time on my own, DH and I do separate things, but meet up for meals. I do love the freedom and spontaneity it brings. Take time to sit and watch people, help families take pictures.

Get yourself a copy of The Hidden Magic of Walt Disney World by Veness. It will help you to see some of the details in WDW and immerse yourself even more in the magic of the parks.

Lol, @Jedilogray. I was just going to do a “Good job! You won! Here’s a prize,” as we exit the ride.

Good idea on the helping families take pictures thing…I’ll totally do that and then ask one of them to take mine. Selfies are not my forte.

And you’re right about the bar thing. I don’t have any dining really set up for Universal, so I’ll definitely do that while I’m there. Thanks!

I’ve done a couple of solo tours. It is a great opportunity to meet people. Don’t be shy about starting conversations in line. It is also fun to help create a little magic like the plush toy. I bring a few trinkets from the dollar store like Frozen temp tattoos, small coloring books etc and give them out-always with parents permission. Another small magic is to carry extra wet wipes, you will inevitably see a young parent with a child made mess searching for tissue. I second taking pictures for people. If you can afford it taking a tour is awesome. My favorite is KTTK tour at MK. This trip I am hoping to make it over to AKL and do the free restaurant tour.

It is important to keep in mind WDW is huge. You can not do everything. Sorry this is so long. Hope you have a great time

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I really wanted to just say welcome, and congrats on your first WDW trip. I have never done a solo trip, so not much help there. I’m sure you will get tons of great tips though. I love the idea of making a little magic for the kids around you! Great ideas:)

I have no tips but always reading everyone else’s im travelling in October with my 15 1/2 year old son. So it’s nearly like touring with 2 adults, one suffering major skype and Internet withdrawals for sure especially as it’s such a different time zone

As a solo traveler, they will put you in a car by yourself. I think giving a plush toy may be a bit much. Some people may not want to mess with it. The little things like stickers, tattoos are good. I always take extra glow bracelet/necklaces and give those out at night shows

I would add, if you get lonely, or just want company for awhile, find out what other liners are in the park and meet up for awhile ( chat is great for that). Or take us along by starting a thread here!

My first thought was the bars as well. Some of the bars have great food!

I must say when I went to DL my sense of where " everything should be" went a little crazy. It would be very exciting to see the connections from the opposite park! Enjoy!

I’m soon going on my first solo trip too! Leaving friends and family behind for a few days and looking forward to the freedom of doing whatever I want without being selfish. I plan on taking advantage of bar seating whenever possible for dining solo.

I hope you do a trip report so I can follow along another solo-er. Love reading trip reports and looking at the photos :slight_smile:

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