First time visit to Disney staying at Saratoga Springs

Hi all, we are going to Disney World for the very first time this Summer, celebrating our 10th wedding anniversary, and will be staying in Saratoga Springs Resort.

Any one got recommendations for choice of room as this fax feature on here I read about sounds great.

We are all so excited to be going and a great room would be perfect to top it off.

Cheers all

I haven’t stayed there before so I can’t really answer your question but wanted to say welcome. Planning your first trip can seem a little overwhelming so feel free to ask anytime you have questions.

I would recommend using the room finder tool as you can see maps of each resort and views from many of the rooms to help you plan. Some people like to be close to the main building and transportation, and some prefer to be a bit further out because it tends to be more quiet and a bit more relaxed.

Thanks for the welcome. Yeah very overwhelming but the guide and site have been a huge help so far.

Thanks for the advice

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Seconding @Outer1 re: the room finder. I am using it to pick a room for my trip in the fall, and it’s proving very helpful!

Welcomewelcome, best wishes for a magical trip! Feel free to ask questions. We love questions.


@bazstar109 go here Saratoga Springs Spa and Resort . Scroll to the bottom of the page (a LONG way down) and you will find the TP staff recommendations for Saratoga.

Brilliant info, cheers. Found some great room options from that.


We stayed in a ssr studio in 2012. We were in the springs section. I can’t remember the exact room number but it was the 3501-3800 section. It was a very close walk to main pool, laundry, bus, and car. I thought this location was perfect. It was last pick up for the bus so you will head straight to the parks. Only downside is it is the last stop when returning home.

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Thanks for that info, will be looking at that today on the room viewa.

Just returned from SSR this morning. We had a perfect room. We were in Congress Park from 1507. We were steps from the pool and a very short walk to Downtown Disney. Our bus stop was the first one for the parks. The Congress Park pool was right out our back door. After reading many reviews, some said to stay away from Congress Park- I say it’s the only place to stay. If you are in any other section, you will likely NOT walk to Downtown Disney.

The resort is huge so think about each section as its own mini resort because you likely won’t be walking from village to village. Another family stayed at the same time we did way up in Carousel. The walk from Congress Park to Carousel was 1.1 miles and took about 15 minutes - walking fast. There are pools in other sections, but again, the walk just makes it a craze idea to get to another pool.

The workout room at SSR was amazing and very clean. The arcade- same way.

Would I stay here again? Likely not - it is just way to big. I prefer a resort / hotel where I can take an elevator to the lobby and restaurants. This is not the case at SSR. While the 1 Bedroom Suite was absolutely beautiful, we felt there were too many inconveniences with the size of this resort. My recommendation is the Swan / Dolphin which is a walk away from Epcot and Boardwalk and a boat ride away from HS.

Have fun.

Thanks for that info, really helps on deciding where To opt for. Does look big and that was a concern but sounds like a nice place still.