First time using Lines

So tomorrow and Sunday, I’ll be using the touring plans app in real time for the first time. Previously, I just kept refreshing the estimated wait times feature. I’m comfortable with what it’s made for me. But I have a question or two: when I enter the queue, do I have to click anything to confirm I’ve arrived? Or maybe after I’ve exited the ride? If the designated time arrives, and I don’t like the wait, can I click anything to skip that step? Or do I have to completely edit the plan?


On the date of your plan a “done” button should appear. You can click it as you finish each step.


To delete a step, click the “…” in the upper right hand corner of that step, then select “Delete From Plan” and the step will be removed. If that isn’t the case for you, just click “done” and the step will go away.


Thank you. I’m excited to see how this plays out


Everything worked out great! Got to see everything i wanted!

But if i may make one little complaint, the app crashed constantly. If i ever texted or took a photo, when i tried to reopen the tab it would tell me that it had closed and i needed to restart it.

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Could be your phone or operating system. I have used it on two different iPhones (8 and 13) and always have the latest iOS version and haven’t had crashing issues.

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Im an android guy

Then it is DEFINITELY your phone. :innocent:

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