First time trip report last day/recap

I’ve posted most of our individual days already so those are out there.

We had a partial day yesterday and flew back in the evening.

Our FPP were in AK: FOP, EE, Dinosaur, 10:30/11:30/12:30. I figured we’d be on the late end to start just so we didn’t have to rush.

Left our room about 9:45. Dropped our carry on at bell desk, and our checked baggage at airline checkin. I had paid our checked baggage fees the night before on the phone. It went smooth enough but the agent checking in took longer than expected to march up our names between the resort/DME reservation and the airline reservation. Not really sure what the problem was. He may have been new.

Headed for the AK bus. Had to wait about 10-15min. We were in pandora by 10:45 and walked right through the fp queue for FOP. Standby was posted at 215 minutes. (NRJ was posted at 65 I think, which is still much much longer than we would ever wait for it again)
We were in the preshow by 11. When we were done, headed straight for EE. I got turned around and headed up the side trail by mistake, but it was nice and still got us there. With the ride itself, the “wrong” trail, and a pit stop, we were at EE by 11:35. Standby posted at 65min. We used our fp and were done by 11:50.

We knew we had to be back at BW by 3ish. We didn’t care to do dinosaur. Still had to stop at a gift shop. would have loved to grab a fp for RNRC or TofT one last time. Since dinosaur was our 3rd and I wanted a different park, I had to csncel it to look but that was fine. Nothing available before we had to leave. Kids wanted via Napoli pizza even though we didn’t have ADR.

Decided to bus to BW or Beach club, whichever came first. (I figured that was a shorter walk to Italy than a bus to the front of Epcot). We walked briskly to via Napoli. In line at 1:15 and seated for a party of 5 by 1:25! We just got the 20" pizza to share.
Got shaved ice at Japan on the way out and took the boat back to BW since we were done walking.

Retrieved our carryons, changed our of sweaty clothes so the other airplane passengers wouldn’t hate us. Relaxed in the lobby while waiting for DME. The DVC agent started a conversation with us but we were not in a space to deal with that. I’ll do my homework but don’t think it’s right for us.

DME was a few minutes past 3:30 but our flight was 7, so not worried at all. One family got in a taxi. Not sure how it could cut so close since they usually give you a big window ahead of time. When our bus did come, he said it was a rescue bus. We had plenty of time at MCO, got dinner and waited for the plane. 6hr non stop to Seattle, 50 degrees and rain.

A few overall summary points for our trip:

Thank goodness we came on projected lower crowds, even though it was our spring break. Some of our days were projected as 4-5, and were actually 5-6. Add in 85 degrees and that’s enough for us LOL. Next time I would be more aware of calendar and probably pick February for weather. I originally didn’t want that because I wanted more daylight and would be frustrated with park closing earlier. As it was, we did 2 late nights at MK (park days 1 and 2) and that was it. Skipped our Emh Wednesday night.
We enjoyed hopping over to HS 2-3 times for some big rides the last hour.

We really enjoyed BW, and in general, the Epcot area. Made it to easy to eat in Epcot and do late rides at HS. DS10 thinks BC is more modern (we walked through once going to B&C). But I’d be happy going back to BW. we got late night pizza twice during our week. A couple times we walked through Epcot to grab the monorail to MK, or did that after eating in WS.

Very glad we had park hoppers. Gave us options when we got tired or lines were long.

We only used Minnie vans twice. I anticipated more.

Busses were mostly reliable and convenient. I’m sure on CL7 and up, that may not be the case as much.

We did most of what we wanted to do but I would plan just a little less next time. We like fast passes on big rides. Then grab a 4th or 5th. We did extra by either doing more early and/or late. We did rope drop at Epcot, with the TT FP and got all 3 done. Our early day at AK, we went to Everest and walked on 3x while everyone else was at pandora.
I probably wouldn’t use a fp, not ride on Peter Pan again. Wouldn’t go on Buzz lightyear again. But still love it at DL.

since we usually go to DL, here is our preference for common rides:

Jungle cruise WDW
Peter Pan DL
Buzz lightyear DL
pirates DL
haunted mansion - no difference to us
Space mountain - DL
BTMRR - no diff to us
Small world - WDW
Tower of terror - WDW (compared to before DCA switched to GotG)
Splash mountain- WDW

We liked 7DMT, but don’t get the inclination for the long lines. We had a Fp one day and walked on during fireworks another. Would regret waiting more than 30-40min for it.

Don’t get the long lines for NRJ either. Are people in the standby line doing it again or because they don’t know better. We’d do it for 1/2 hour or less, but 70min, wouldn’t do that again. I feel like I did a lot of homework, but somehow missed on that one, thinking it was worth such a long line. FOP would be worth 1-2 hours though.

my first day in MK I was blown away by the size/scale. After some of the ride breakdowns and just sheer number of people, it was a little less magical for me.

my initial concern would be we wouldn’t want to go back to DL after being here. That didn’t happen. We still loved our trip and want to come back with the knowledge of what we learned. Realistically, that’s 2021. Alresdy going to DL 2019.

The 6 day parkhopper was great. 7 may be better. Adding in a resort day in the middle would be great. Getting up later and having more midday FP may be good, for some days. It’s hard to schedule perfectly for meals 4-6 months in advance and rides at 2 months. It is very scheduled or you miss something you’ve planned. That’s why I’d like to initially plan less even if it means doing less.

And for leaving, we shouldn’t try to make a park day on our travel day. We do this at DL too and usually regret it, but then forget. Better to not be rushed out, maybe do a lunch outside the parks and get an earlier flight.

Also, we had no issues with drinking water or bed bugs as I have read in places. As long as we had ice, the water was fine for us.


Forgot to add, we preferred test track to radiator springs racers at DCA, just preferred the more modern/technical theme. I know many prefer Cars.

We liked dinosaur, probably not quite as much as Indiana jones (a stretch but somewhat comparable since the ride platform is the same).

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We also much prefer Kali River Rapids over Grizzly River Run. Thought the ride was comparable but the theming much better. We felt more immersed at AK. DCA still feels like the middle of a theme park. I’ve read here and elsewhere that it seems like most prefer GRR, so that surprised me a little.

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Surprised on a preference for TT over Radiator Springs - we much preferred Radiator due to both the theming and the “race” aspects of it.

In a lot of ways I prefer Dinosaur to Indy because Dinosaur is a cogent story while Indy is more a collection of various random things that happen in Indy movies. It is Indy which is great, but I was disappointed by the lack of a story arc on Indy. My impressions may be jaded due to coming into Indy with high expectations that it was a great ride though…

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