First Time Trip Advice

Hi! I’m a year out from our trip (my mom and I) and just curious about any advice from people that have been before. We are going 10/29/2019-11/9/2019, staying at POFQ. We are doing 8 days in the park. Hoping to catch a MNSSHP and MVMCP. We are doing the dining plan and have the Memory Maker.

Well you are in advance so you can do all the proper planning. ADRs at 180 days, FP+ at 60 days, touring plans with review by the people here, etc… Did you decide if you were getting the park hopper tickets ?

We are leaning toward not doing park hopper. We are figuring 2 days in each park.

2 days per park is a good plan but think about it well and read the guide to see what rides/shows interest you the most. Personally, I’d do Epcot only 1 day and do MK 3 days but I know lots of people here love Epcot passionately (our family thinks it’s the less interesting park).
Regarding the park hopper, I think you can walk to Epcot from POFQ so this is also an interesting option (ex: 1 full day to Epcot + 1 or 2 evenings as the greatest in-park food is there).

Read as much as you can and see what you and your mom are most interested in. :slight_smile:

POFQ is not walking distance to Epcot. I think you’re thinking of another resort.
Beach / Yacht, Boardwalk, and Swan/Dolphin are the Ep area walkables to Ep and DHS.

I think PO’s have a boat and busses for trans options.

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Looks like we will be there the same time. Epcot food and wine festival will be going on; and if that interests you, avoid world show case on weekends (well actually avoid it on weekends whether the festival interests you or not)

Like us! Epcot is always a two day park for us if we do at least 6 days. When we do 5 days, MK gets the extra day. With 8 days, doing two days per park makes the most sense. First pass gives you the experience. Second pass gives you a chance to snag those hard to get fast passes! :slight_smile:

I hope you have a great trip and hope that you will stick around and share your plans with us as you continue to make them! I agree that for 2 adults, planning two days in each park sounds nice. It relieves the pressure of having to fit everything into one day.

I travel with my Mom so please feel free to ask away if you have any specific Ma approved attractions or tips!!

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