First time plan review - ROL and keto?

Hi all. We have our first family trip this May and our travel agent gifted us a membership to TP and I’ve logged in way too many hours of planning since. We have a relatively short trip and have chosen Epcot, AK, and MK. We’re staying at AKL. My DD is 6 and energetic so we plan to stay at the parks the whole day. But, she also needs 11 hours of sleep and is not a napper. So I’m thinking we will have to skip ROL. I’m bummed to miss anything but a good day at MK kind of depends on that.

Friday - arrive in the evening, go to bed early
Saturday - RD Epcot and stay through Illuminations
Sunday - sleep in, day off, go to bed early
Monday - RD EMH at AK, either take afternoon break or skip ROL
Tuesday - RD MK, get back around 10
Wednesday - sleep in and travel day

Is ROL a can’t miss? It seems like of the 3 shows at the parks we are going to it’s the least loved but I want to make sure this isn’t a mistake.

For more details on our trip:

Saturday - EP. We plan to RD FEA and have FP for TT and few others so I can try and get another FP for Soarin. We are eating at Spice Road.

Sunday - day off / pool day. We are eating at Jiko to celebrate Mother’s Day.

Monday - EMH at AK. We plan to RD Navi and KS. We have FP for FOP, EE, Kali. I’m split between Flame Tree vs Satuli Canteen for lunch. We are thinking Tusker’s for dinner as this would be the only character event we would attend. I’m also holding 2 reservations for them right now - an early ROL reservation and a later more reasonable time non-ROL reservation.

Tuesday - MK. RD Tomorrowland. We have FF for 7DMT, PPF, BTMR. Dinner reservations for Skipper Canteen.

My husband eats a keto diet so I’ve tried to pick places that will work for him. If anyone has any other keto (heavy meat, no carbs) suggestions, that would be super appreciated.

Lastly, this forum has been incredible. Thanks everyone!