First time MK visit plan evaluation

First timer with just one day (Mar 7) to visit MK. How well should this itinerary work? It seems to get most things we want to see in the morning (very busy), then leave room in afternoon for taking it easier and plugging in a few other items like Small World, Jungle Cruise, and just sight-seeing. Any advice appreciated!

Order Attraction Time
1 7DMT 9:09am
2 Peter Pan 9:39am
3 Haunted 10:09am
4 BTMR 10:42am
5 SplashM 11:11am (FP+)
6 Pirates 11:37am
7 SpaceM 12:16pm (FP+)
8 Buzz 12:35pm (FP+)
9 Monsters 12:44pm
10 PhilharMagic 1:12pm
11 Muppets 1:55pm
12 Fantasy Par 2:45pm

     Once Upon     7:25pm	
     Wishes           8:00pm

Are these FP+ ones you already have? Or want? Or the time you would use them? They block out a one hour chunk of time during which you can use them, and they cannot overlap.

Yes those are ones I already haveā€¦
Splash 10:15-11:15
Space 11:25-12:25
Buzz 12:30-1:30

The times I listed in the plan come from the TouringPlan I have created.

Are you planning on eating?

I like your plan and it looks very reasonable. You may want to grab a pretzel as you walk by a cart to hold you over until 3:30!

Yeah, we figure that eating lunch will be an on-the-run affair! Hopefully we will be able to relax for dinner.

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Do you just rub to 7dmt?

Sorry I meant run!!!

I suppose so. Since I have never been, I am just going with what the Touringplans software is saying. Does that look too risky?

I think your sequence of attractions is perfect when combined with your fast passes. Starting with 7DMT is a great plan.

How did it work out? We have 1 day at MK on April 6 and would like to compare your experience.

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I am curious as well!! How did it go @iamdad25