First time making FPs at 30 days and pleasantly surprised!

Our 30 day window for our first park day (Epcot) opened today and I was so happy with how well it all went! I got everything I wanted at basically the exact times I had planned. FEA is about 45 minutes later than I’d planned (2:05), but still pretty close!

I had hoped there would be pretty good availability after reading tons of posts here about offsite FPPS, but I was nervous since it’s President’s Day weekend. Anyways, no real point to this post. Haha! I called my husband and he wasn’t sufficiently excited so I thought I’d share here. :slight_smile:


I’m going on 2/13 and I just got my tickets yesterday. I was able to get pretty good fastpasses considering it’s so close to my trip. I was happy too.


That’s very exciting, your husband obviously doesn’t get it! Well done you! Keep modifying and you might get FEA earlier.


I totally understand on the ‘husband wasn’t sufficiently excited’ thing.
We made ours at 30 days out too. I was able to modify everything to almost exactly the time I wanted except for the safari and ETWB. Those are both later than I wanted but nothing was available for ETWB before our naptime break.
I hope the rest of your FP bookings go just as smoothly as today’s!

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Sorry if this is a silly questions but what do FEA and ETWB mean?

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Not silly at all. FEA is Frozen Ever After at Epcot and ETWB is Enchanted Tales with Belle at Magic Kingdom. :slight_smile:

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Makes so much sense now, thanks!!

If/when he realizes your hard work will save time, then he might appreciate it

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That’s so good to hear! I’m booking our fast passes 30 days out in a little over a month, and I was curious if FEA would be attainable. I’m not too hopeful when it comes to Slinky Dog and FOP. If you are able to get either of those, you’ll have to let us know :slight_smile:

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