First time in DL - 5 days in October

My family (me, DH, DD7) will be staying at Fairfield Inn Tues-Sat Oct 24-28 (CLs are 2-5). We are planning to do one night at the Halloween Party. Have PH tics for 5 days so that we can go at a leisurely pace and see everything and do faves more than once. Will prob spend afternoons resting at the hotel or in the pool. DD will prob want to do everything (loves TOT in DHS) except Ghost Space Mountain.

I will plan some loose TPs closer to time, but looking for suggestions on which night to do the Party. Also wondering if there is a “Garden Grocer” type service like in Orlando. The hotel has a “market,” and I suppose I can Lyft (no car) to a grocery store, but would prefer a delivery if there is one. Third thing: we fly into LAX arriving 9:45am (Tues) and leaving 6:30pm (Sat). Any suggestions on shuttles, etc?

I did find that Von’s offers grocery delivery! If anyone has experience with them please let me know.

I’ve never done grocery delivery myself but those that like grocery delivery have used both Vons and Amazon Fresh. Both had positive things to say.

As for shuttles to & from airport Super Shuttle is cheap and you can usually Google discount codes. It is usually a shared ride so if you’re the last drop off or first pick up it is a tedious long drive (& potentially wasted Disney time). If you want a more direct service I have heard liners use Go Lansky which I believe will make a stop for you if you want to grocery shop (included in the price whether or not you take advantage of it). Because it’s a car service tho it’s not as cost effective as Super Shuttle. There’s also Uber/Lyft but not sure how they compare price-wise.

Lastly about when to do party night, wait until DL releases party schedule (should be pretty soon) but the advice I can give you now is pick a day you know will be able to stay up to enjoy as much of the party as you can. For example , if coming from East time zone don’t plan the party your first night because you’ll most likely have the hardest time staying up so late.

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We used Vons (safeway) and since it was our first delivery, it was free. They delivered it to the Disneyland hotel (I’m sure this would be similar at the Fiarfield Inn) around the time of arrival and the concierge brought it to our room. It was fantastic. I would highly recommend it. We had fresh fruit, snacks for kids, and breakfast foods. Next year I plan on getting some lunch supplies so that we can eat a quick lunch in the park whenever it is convenient and then eat out for dinner.

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