First time in 23 years

I haven’t been to Disney World in a loooong time. I’ve created my touring plans, and we plan to arrive in time for rope drop at AK and two days MK, but I am worried that I won’t know how to get to my first planned attraction when I arrive. I know I can use a map once the day gets going, but I don’t want to mess up that first ride. Is it obvious where you’re supposed to go when the park opens, or do I need to study maps before I go?

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The parks can be a little confusing if you’re unfamiliar with them (especially AK). I would grab a map before entering or download the WDW app on your phone as it has built in GPS that will tell you where you are and how to get where you’re going.

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Thank you.

There is no complete Google Street View in the parks (would be neat) - but lots of people are posting 360 photos from the parks on their phones.

If you zoom in on Google maps, you can see blue dots where these are and check them out - then you can drag the photo around to see what it looks like at that point as if you were there. Might help you get familiarized with the parks a bit…

Here’s a link to a photo in front of the castle:

You can hover over the little square map on the bottom left of the page and zoom in to see dots for other photos.

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One thing you keep in mind is that if you’re trying to do the biggest/busiest ride at RD then you’re probably going to be traveling in a pack of other RDers. If there’s no pack headed in the same direction as you then either you’re going the wrong way or it’s really not going to be a big deal if it takes you a few minutes longer to get there.

You might want to check out the maps on the WDW website. Each park has a downloadable map.
The maps were a great help in getting oriented ahead of time.

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I really like these maps! Much better than the ones Disney gives out. I printed them and brought them into the park. Good luck!


MDE on your phone it had parks on it.

I agree with all of the other posts. Definitely worth while to review maps before you arrive. I never go to any park without studying maps first and plotting out my course.

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My travel agent send me DLR maps. I when on line and got Pigeon Forge map when we were staying there. I

At WDW I have always found DHS to be the most confusing - but with the whole back half closed now, it’s probably not as bad. The worst park I’ve ever been to for confusing is Busch Gardens Tampa; it’s all dead ends and loops, and the in-park signage is not very good. Busch Gardens Williamsburg is much easier to navigate.

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Honestly, if you are getting there at rope drop, most of the time you can just follow the hoards of people to the first ride-- usually we’re all going to the same place!