First time going in April

Hi Everyone!

I haven’t been on here in a while since we last went to Disney in August of 2014. Our next trip is April 2, 2016 and I am very excited since I have never been there in the Spring. Any suggestions that are different than summer touring? Rain amounts- ponchos? I noticed that there might be EMH multiple times during the week in April and as early as 7am? Wow!

Take advantage of the 7 am opening. Last two years April has been very hot when we were there. We got so much done at that early hour and it helped us the rest of the day to be able to go at a slower pace when it got very warm. Very little rain. Check historical temps and rain on sites like weather underground. Epcot is beautiful with all the flower and garden festivities. You will really enjoy it.

Definitely plan on a poncho. April showers bring may flowers. Speaking of flowers, the Flower and Garden Festival is wonderful! Seeing Epcot painted in all those colors adds a completely new experience to the park. There will be so much to look at and don’t forget all the food booths! The weather will be hotter than you think. When we went this past April it was low to mid 90’s every day.

Thanks Mr Snee and pamperedpup! Will bring the ponchos and plan for hot weather! I am really looking forward to the flower and garden festival as it is a first for us:) I hope that the April 2016 schedule comes out soon as I am trying to figure out dining options.

Hi @Rapunzel. No big tips from me but we will be there the same time. We arrive on 4/1 and I’m also looking forward to April as we haven’t been this time of year either. Fingers crossed the crowds aren’t to crazy, looks like most spring breakers will be leaving around the time we arrive. :slight_smile: Are you on the April 2016 Liner FB page?

I’m not on the FB page but will join

Sorry to hijack your thread, but I hope somebody can help with a question about April 2016. The general advice from most planning sites is to avoid parks with EMH. For the week of April 9, I see that Wednesday is rated a 5 at Magic Kingdom, with other days that week (including Tuesday and Thursday) being higher. There are evening EMH on Wednesday, so this seems to contradict conventional wisdom. Does anybody have a thought on why that might be? Is it just that Wednesday tends to be slow? We already booked our ADRs, so no going back now, but I am curious. Thank you!

Firstly, thank you for responding. Yes, I know I can change (or cancel) ADRs up to 24 hours in advance, but unfortunately, it can be very difficult to book some reservations, which is why we were on line at 6 a.m. And, to clarify, I was actually questioning the accuracy of the crowd predictions, not asking for advice about whether we should go to a park that has EMH. In other words, it seems odd that the EMH day is predicted to be less crowded than the non-EMH days. I was wondering if somebody might have an explanation, other than the predictions are based off crowd levels before Disney moved evening EMH to MK on Wednesday.