First time dining recommendations

We are first time visitors with a party of 11 and I am looking for places to dine that will not break the bank. I have a reservation for Chef Mickey but I am not sure if I am going to keep it due to the cost. I am also aware that getting any dining reservations at this point might be difficult but I am going to try. So suggestions please! I am hoping for good food at a decent price rather than experience I think. Thank you in advance!

Beirgarten at Germany in World Showcase, Epcot might is great and might be a good choice for a large group, as they have large tables.

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I would use the touring plans reservation finder Via Napoli can be very reasonable and 50’s Prime Time.

Biergarten is great and likely can best accommodate large groups (although are there big tables 8? or 10?) but it is $30 for lunch & $38 for dinner for Adults (Kids $16/$20). So depending on your view of “decent price” it could be slim pickings at WDW I’m afraid for TS. Although a big buffet like that can cover 2 meals effectively so from a value perspective, it may be decent…

On the budget side, pizza at Via Napoli is likely one of the better choices - great pizza and the larges can be shared with multiple people. There are lots of places where you can find entrees under $20 depending on what you want - SciFi for example offers a $32 New York Strip but also a $14 Smoked Turkey Sandwich. Liberty Tree Tavern for lunch offers some sub $20 entrees although I guess it goes family style for dinner at $33/$19.

If you can define “decent price” a touch better it may help. And do remember buffets may be better values than they first appear as you can load up and skip a meal that day potentially (which could bring Chef Mickey’s back into play)…

With 11, you will probably need to split up at many places. Looking at reservations for 6 & 5 could be wise. Also dining in some of the resort restaurants could be an option for both space and cost as opposed to theme park.

If you are looking for good food at a decent price, and NOT the character experience, don’t go to Chef Mickey’s. I’m not even hating on Chef Mickey’s, I thought the food was ok, but please understand, the price for Chef Mickey’s includes the charactcer experience you will get. You can probably get better food for cheaper at other places.

Thank you for all the suggestions so far! I plan on using the reservation finder for sure! As far as a price I am just looking for something relatively inexpensive compared to most of the Disney dining which I know is already costly in itself. I am hoping to get 2 meals out of the price I was going to pay for one at Chef Mickey’s if that makes sense. Yes I have been hearing that about Chef Mickey’s which is why I think I’d like to find something else!

Captain’s Grill at Yacht Club.
Sci Fi Diner.
Lots of quick service that feel like table service - e.g. Colombia Harbour House (sit upstairs).

We are HUGE fans of a la carte dining. We aren’t big eaters, so a buffet for us is just ridiculous. If you are looking for the character dining experience, breakfast or lunch is a good option. The quick service is also a great option. There are a lot of really good choices. Colombia Harbor House is a favorite!

What is the make-up of your group (based on ages)? That can have a lot to do with recommendations. Also, what price range are you considering “reasonable”?

2 adults and 9 children (16, 14, 13, 12, 10, 9, 7, 5, and 4)! I am not sure what is really reasonable when is comes to Disney pricing but I was more just hoping we could get 2 meals elsewhere out of the price we would have paid for one at Chef Mickey!

Some meals are rather large. For example I suggested 50s since my grown son and I can split the fried chicken dinner. We will also split some of the dinners at many of the resort counter service restaurants.

An adult dinner at CM is around $50; that would equal 2 $25 meals. There are quite a few places where you can find an entree for that price (although not necessarily at the “top” of the menu). The signatures are probably out, but I would say that most non-buffet and non-CM TSs will have options that fall in that range. In MK, Tony’s, Plaza, Skipper’s, and LTT (maybe) should fall in that category. In DHS 50s PT and MM would be viable choices (probably Sci-fi as well, but I haven’t been there in a long time). At AK you’re probably limited to Y&Y or RFC. EP has many options. VN might be the “best value” because you can share large pizzas. Le Cellier in Canada and Monsieur Paul in France are out, but most of the other WS restaurants will have at least something in the $25 or less range - except for my personal favorite, BG, which is a buffet and priced in the $30s-40s. In DS, RR is one of my all-time favorites, and although the steaks may be out of range, the burgers and sandwiches should all fall in your range.

The best thing to do is to look at on-line menus and see what is available; so much depends on personal preference.

At Epcot, I’m a huge fan of QS dining. The options are just too good in France and Norway! If it’s a matter of just getting everyone fed, the group could even split up between say, Mexico and Noway… or England and France. If you’re looking for last minute table service, we’ve had luck with Via Napoli and Chefs de France. Go at off-peak times for a better chance; before 11 or after 2 for lunch; before 5 for dinner.
At Magic Kingdom Pecos Bill’s and Columbia Harbour House are both good counter service options. You might have luck at The Plaza for a reservation: Very affordable!

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