First time at Riverside - need advice

Hello everyone! Countdown is at 29 days and so excited to be staying at POR for the first time. We have a standard, 2Q bed room and I’m trying to figure out room selection.

Based on the TP room finder, it looks like we’re on the far side of the resort. How far is it to the main lobby/restaurants? Are there shuttles or do we need a car?

Anyone have any room recommendations? Should I try to upgrade to a preferred room? I will have a scooter, but also have my husband and DD15 with me.

Any advice you can give this POR first timer would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!


I was at POR in November for the first time. Love that resort! It’s beautiful! The resort is large but you can walk from one end to the other without a shuttle. I chose to stay in a building near the west bus stop. The west stop is the first to be picked up. This will be really nice for you if you have a scooter. Its also the first to be dropped back off. So you would never have to wait for a bus because one is full and you would always get a seat/ or scooter spot. Its also nice to be the first one off the bus after a long day. I can’t remember what building we had in that area but it was about a 6-8min walk to the lobby. I hope that helped! You will love POR! :smiley:

There is also a smaller pool in that area that does not have a ton of people in it like the main one! :slight_smile:

Thanks! The first part of our stay is just me and my DH for our 20th anniversary, since our DD15 is doing the Disney Sings Workshops with her high school choir for a few days. We went to WDW for our honeymoon so to say I’m excited is an understatement! We’ve been to Disney many times, but usually stay at Value resorts.

POR is organized roughly in a circular shape with the main lobby and restaurants in the middle. Fairly easy walking distance. All rooms are pretty much the same size-wise. There are 4 separate Disney transportation stops around the outside of POR, so be sure to note which one is yours for the return trip from a park, which we found difficult to distinguish at night without knowing which bus stop was which. We stayed at a “preferred” room the last time. These rooms are the closest to the lobby, main parking lot and west bus stop. We liked that. So the “preferred” rooms definitely have an advantage, but I think Disney charges more.

Hope this helps

We will be going there for our first time as well in August. My mom is with us & also using a scooter. We are booked in a preferred and when I asked about requesting a first floor room because of the scooter I was told it wasn’t guaranteed. I asked how then could I get a scooter up the stairs and was told there was an elevator. I’ve read they do not have elevators! I’m not stressing yet because the trip is far away but they can’t possible put us on the 2nd floor with a scooter correct?

There are no elevators at Alligator Bayou, but there are elevators at Acadian House, Oak Manor, Parterre Place and Magnolia on link in my previous post. Hope it helps.

Yes, I have been researching that site & that’s how I knew for sure there weren’t any elevators!

I ended up calling because I was very confused trying to book online with the room categories. I was told I was in Alligator Bayou, preferred. Is this not the case? Can they move us to another area completely? We have 2 rooms & they need to be in the same building at least. One must have first floor because of scooter.

When you call Disney you are talking to someone in a call center. I would fill out a TP fax and even if you do not request a particular room you should send a fax and note that you have booked a preferred room but you need a first floor room for a scooter.

Yes I realize that, it’s why I didn’t argue with her at all when I knew for sure there weren’t elevators!
We just really like the feel of the AB rooms vs the others. I will be VERY disappointed if they move us to another section. I booked preferred to be close to the main building and food court for my mom. Now I’m reading that if you don’t have 5 people they could move you! Ugh, hope that’s not true.

You should clarify with Disney that you want AB, but need first floor for at least 1 room because of scooter. If they can’t accommodate, you’ll need to move to section with elevator.

I did when I called. I will call again tomorrow just to make sure. Thank you!!

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I do not think calling will help- complete the fax!

I will but isn’t it way too early for that?

It is but calling will not do anything now either. The room is assigned within a few days of your trip.

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