First Time at Animal Kingdom

Will be at AK on 4/15, crowd level is a 10. Couldn’t get a FP for FoP. The plan is to rope drop EMM. Will try to get there 60 minutes before EMM. Is this a good plan to get on that ride? I know about same day FP drop times, should I do that instead of rope dropping EMM? I have FPs for Safari, Everest and Kali. My kids are looking forward to AK the most (it’s the reason we are coming to Disney in the first place) so I want to make sure they have a good time. Any other tips for handling extreme crowds at AK? Thanks so much!

You might want to consider arriving earlier. See RD strategy below:

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I think you mean EMH, not EMM. (They are two different things.)

Anyhow, if you get there SUPER early, you might get a good wait time. But if not, it is better to put FOP to a time after/near 5:00 pm, when lines are shorter (closer to an hour wait).

I think an hour to an hour 15 before EMH would work fine for FOP. That way if everyone loves it (highly likely) you might be able to snag a fpp drop later on for another ride.

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Yes, EMH. Thanks for your help.

Thank you!

I would never rely on the drops as they are not guaranteed and are probably less likely on a high crowd day

I would definitely arrive 1hr 15 mins prior to rope drop and head directly there. Then if you are lucky to snag a FPP in a drop that day you’ll get to ride twice. Rely on the drop and you may get to ride zero times.

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I agree with what everyone is saying about an hour and 15 minutes. I would like to offer a glimmer of hope: we were there on 12/24/18 and RDed EMH. (Christmas CL 10 is normal 10 on steroids). My daughter was able to get onto FoP very easily and was done in 1/2 an hour to 45 minutes after RD. (DH and I RDed NRJ). It’s very doable, especially if you are walking with purpose.

We arrived 1 hour 15 min prior and were with in the first group on. CL was a 10 that day.

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