First thing, or after close for Oga's?

We managed to score TWO reservations for Oga’s (I’ll be dropping one…), one right at park open (9:10am) and another that’s well after park close currently (8:50pm, with park close at 8pm). I imagine the park close might be extended again, which would leave us near but not after close of park…this is our first trip to Batuu, so our first experience of Oga’s.

In either case, give me your pro/con for each. Early morning would mean we’re maybe getting in a little early, but still probably missing Falcon first thing if we go eat. Late would be a nice way to end the evening, and if it IS almost an hour after close, some opportunities for some great night photos of an empty Batuu. I’m leaning towards keeping the evening one, and dropping the morning, but let me know your thoughts.

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I’ve done Oga’s near close before and I LOVED walking out of a nearly empty Batuu at night. I’ve just secured a post-park close again for next month. I’d do the later. Use the morning for prime touring.


Are you planning on drinking alcohol? In which case, surely the later one is better. (If you take the earlier one I will judge you.)

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Do the end of the night. It’s definitely the better option.

Keep the evening one, don’t waste prime touring time in the morning.


Yeah, seeing the replies and re-reading what I wrote, it seems obvious that the evening one is the much better plan. So excited that I got a reservation at all!


I’d be looking for a cocktail to end the night so I’d keep the later one as well. Also, they used to have a couple more food items on their menu, most of which seems to be gone now. There’s only one or two options left. It seems to be almost entirely liquids/booze now.

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Isn’t it some sort of badge of honor if @mousematt has taken the time to judge you? I would feel like I’ve finally made it. :grin: