First question of many! When to book Guided Tour?

Hi there! We’re heading down in March for DS fifth birthday and my first trip in years (I was his age).

We’d like to book the Star Wars Guided Tour on his birthday, but I’m not sure when we can do so. 180 days? 180 days +10? I’m not seeing any available times in 2018 at all.

Bonus question for anyone who’s done it - is it even appropriate for a 5 year old?


Alot of the tours/dessert parties are not available at 180 days…you will need to keep checking! OR just keep following here on the Forum or Chat app. I’m not sure if you know but the Star Wars Tours has changed and does not include the dessert party. The price also didn’t go down much, I think $99. The tour was something our family was looking forward to see on our trip in February 2018 but it is not worth it for us!

Thank you!

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Is there anything in this list now that you couldn’t do on your own with a good touring plan (and skip the $99)?

Yes…you can do everything on the list now with a good touring plan and skip the $99!!

We are not the type of family to tour all day at the parks. The original tour list gave us the opportunity to come later in the day and still be able to sign the kids up for Jedi training. Now we either have to skip Jedi training or the Fireworks…it’s disappointing.

What about taking a break in the middle of the day instead? Then you might be able to do both.

I can’t remember if it was on here, but I did read of someone who booked the tour and then it rained - meaning Jedi Training was cancelled. As she said, it s a lot of money to pay for the guaranteed slot in the first place, and without it she felt it wasn’t worth it.

We tried breaks in the middle of the day on our first visit in 2016, it just doesn’t work our family. Once we got back to the hotel no one wanted to go back!! LOL