First personalized plan feedback appreciated TIA

So its my first attempt at a plan and they are all going to be based on a relaxed 2 days at each park so doing essentially half the park its designed to minimize walking as we have a 4yo and his grandparents.

We will also have a 3rd day at least in each park to do favorites.

Did i do anything wrong or miss anything obvious that could improve it.

Thanks so much

You have two large blocks of Free Time - 49 minutes before your rest break and 97 minutes before The Friar’s Nook. What this means is that you do not have enough activities to fill up your day. To resolve this you can either add more attractions or shorten the day by entering an earlier end time.

Also, I do not see any FPP reservations being used - check out Making Optimized Personalized Touring Plans with FastPass+ for tips on how to integrate FPP reservations into a personalized TP.

Ah thanks good point! If I assume we will have an icecream, or have a 4 year old get distracted etc is it ok to leave as is? Or does that make it not work properly?

Also should I just try and get fast pass for the longest predicted queues

Slack time for distractions is always a good idea, but the amount of free time you have may be a bit much. Also, with a 4yo you might want to end your day a little earlier, which will eat up some of that time when you re-optimize.

Re FPP selections, check out the post I linked to. It outlines a strategy for selecting the best FPPs for your TP.