First looks: May 2020

So, we have come to some preliminary final plans for our May 2020 trip. Still more than a year away, and changes at WDW might force changes. So this plan is based on whether things remain relatively stable (aside from the great unknown SWGE).

The players - Me, DW, DS18, DD16, DS10. Plus, for part of the time, DS22 and DIL.

Friday, May 8: Drive from Michigan to Chattanooga
Saturday, May 9: Drive to rental home in Davenport, FL (5 bedroom and private pool!)

Sunday, May 10: Mother’s day. I will drive to Ocala to see my Mom for breakfast then return by 1:00. Head to Disney Springs for the VOID and Mother’s Day dinner for my wife.

Monday, May 11: Magic Kingdom! DS and DIL arrive late to rental home.

Tuesday, May 12: Universal day 1

Wednesday, May 13: Animal Kingdom After Hours (might be swapped with May 12 depending when it is offered).

Thursday, May 14: Epcot!

Friday, May 15: Magic Kingdom, day 2 (first day for DS and DIL)

Saturday, May 16: Rest day and Disney Springs. DS and DIL might want to do another Universal day.

Sunday, May 17: Hollywood Studios

Monday, May 18: Universal Studios, day 2

Tuesday, May 19: Universal Studios, day 3…DS and DIL fly home

Wednesday, May 20: Check out of house and drive to Ocala to see parents

Thursday, May 21: Drive to Knoxville, KY

Friday, May 22: Arrive home, exhausted!

Saturday, May 23: Miss being at WDW and realize just 7 more months until DW and I return for our on property anniversary trip!


Are you going to get an AP?

Yes. For me. Will save us some money, and get us Memory Maker access for this trip.

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I like the attempt at subliminal influence by the use of exclamation marks after all your favourite bits.:blush:

Who will be returning in December?

Looks like we are arriving the day you are missing being at Disney World.

Just DW and me. :slight_smile: December 3 through December 10, 2020 for that trip.

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Then you both should get APs? Have you run the numbers with both tickets?

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Yes. It will save money for me to get it. But getting her one actually is slightly more expensive than not. That might change after Disney’s next ticket price increase, though. We shall see.

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You don’t do park hoppers?

Not usually. Not much point for us, since we can fill our day fine. We bought hoppers once and never ended up hopping!

I will probably get 6 day tickets for us, and 3 day tickets for DS and DIL. As long as we can do AK after hours. My fear is Disney will drop it. But hopefully not!


Nope I take that back. I was looking at the calendar wrong. We will be there the 16th to the 23rd. Doesn’t look like we will run into each other though. The 17th we will probably do MK and we aren’t doing US.

Well, just in case, I’ll be on the lookout for the giant A.

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