First in line

When should we plan to be at each park to get through the queue and first in line? Especially AK and DS

How are you arriving? The parking lots have not been opening very early.

I am going to be honest here. I would aim to be near the front of the line. You could do everything perfect a and be among the first in the park. BUT, you could then be bumped to the side by a group pushing their way through to get in front of you.

One or two minutes won’t matter and it is so much easier when you are able to laugh at that behavior.


Disney transportation

It depends on where you are staying.

Generally, you don’t have a lot of choice.

I know a lot of resorts have been saying that transportation begins an hour before park opening but the first bus in many reports has been a little earlier than that.

And if the first bus begins an hour before park opening then the line for the bus begins 30+ minutes before that. I saw somewhere (chat, maybe? or maybe in here…) that someone was in line for the bus at like 7:10 for a 9:00 MK opening.

Thanks for bus insights. We’re staying at BW and will walk to EP and DS. Bus to MK and AK. Once we arrive at the park, does the rope drop at the health queue at opening or further into the park at opening time? Like access to main street for 30 mins before rope drop at central hub at official opening.