First in line to meet characters

On Friday my daughter was ecstatic that she was able to walk hand in hand with Sofia down the street to her M&G spot, since she was the first in line. We’ve met all the other princesses last week except for Merida and Tinker Bell, which we’re going to do this Monday. Has anyone experienced this with one of those M&G’s? Or any of the other ones I guess we could do over again? I’ve heard that you could ride the tea cups with Alice if you’re first in line, but my DD isn’t as big into her as the others.


We walked through the queue with Buzz and Woody in HS when we first in line.

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We were first in line for Merida at rope drop but she appeared from within her area somewhere so they just let us in when it was time and we walked up to her.

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Good to know. Thanks. Looks like we’ll do Tink first then Merida.