First Ever Visit to Disney World in 2020!

This isn’t a question, but an introduction and a thank you! I’m planning my family’s first vacation to Disney World…well, actually, our first real family vacation ever. I’ve become Disney Obsessed (research, research, research), and have already learned a lot. Our trip isn’t until early March, so I have plenty of time to figure everything out, but I also have a feeling the time will pass very quickly.

Initially, we were reserved at the Yacht Club, but after seeing the gorgeous pictures of Gran Destino Tower, we have moved our reservation to there: a standard club level room. This change saved us close to $1400, and I still feel like it was an upgrade. My only concern is the transportation, but with that type of savings, we can easily use Uber or Lyft if we find the bus transportation challenging.

I’m sure as time passes and I continue to research, I will have plenty of questions. That being said, with the hour I just spent reading the forums, I am already feeling more knowledgeable. Thank you!


Welcome! I’ve found this forum to be the best single source of WDW info available.


Welcome! Ask questions, read and become Disney wiser!! This group made our holiday such a success!! We holiday’d like pros!

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I’ve just returned from CSR.

Sometimes the bus service was good, sometimes it was really, really awful. But Uber is so easy and really quite cheap (I never had a trip within WDW that cost more than about $8 + tip).

I’ve stayed at the Yacht Club and I think the public spaces in Gran Destino are much more impressive. And the room quality is around the same. You won’t get Stormalong Bay and you won’t be able to walk to Epcot and to Hollywood Studios.

But your saving more than compensates for this. It’s huge. I’m certain you’ve made the right call.


Thank you for your input! I’ve been thinking we made the right call, but since we’ve never been there, it is just hard to know. Your experience at CSR has settled my mind quite a bit, and I figured that the bus transportation was up and down. We might just plan on using Uber from the beginning. Thanks again!