First Ever Trip in March - Help with logistics

Hi All, We are planning our first trip to WDW (myself, DH, DD-5 and DS-15) in March 2019. We are staying at the Wilderness Lodge.
I have a few questions: Our flight comes into MCO at 10am, I would like to go to MK that day, we have a reservation at CP for dinner at 5:15pm. What would be a realistic time to plan to make it to the park? Like I said, we’ve never been and don’t know the ME system, does it take us to the hotel and then we go to the park, or is there a way to go straight to the park? Also, what do you do with your carry-on luggage, does that go with your checked luggage on the ME? Lastly, we are from Michigan, it will probably still be quite cold when we leave home, but I see March temps for Orlando are an average of 78 degrees. I am sure we will want to get changed out of our winter clothing into shorts/T-shirts, where do you all do this? Hotel bathroom? I’m assuming our room won’t be ready until quite a bit after we arrive. I know these questions sound silly, but having never been, I’m totally lost. Thanks so much!

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I think you could count on being at WL by noon. You room may be ready, but most likely it will not. You can use the bathroom to change (I think there may be a shower area/changing area near one of the pools too). You can check your bags with bell service.

You then walk through the lobby, past the pool, to the boat dock- and the best way to travel to MK! You will have a blast! What fun!


@PrincipalTinker is spot on.

  • Two hours from arrival at MCO to the Wilderness Lodge lobby.

  • Each person should hand carry a bag from Michigan to the Wilderness Lodge which contains all the vital items needed to get yourselves changed and into the Magic Kingdom.

  • How the remainder of you luggage routes depends on the airline you use and your personal preferences. Participating airlines will route your bags all the way from baggage check at Michigan to your hotel room. Otherwise you will need to move the bags from baggage claim at MCO to the Disney Magical express boarding area. From there Disney will route the bags to your room.

  • Use the clothing in your carry-on to change in the hotel bathroom.

  • If necessary complete your check-in process at the Wilderness Lodge front desk and hand-off your carry-on bags to bell services and they will be delivered to your room.

  • Catch a boat over to Magic Kingdom and enjoy a wonderful vacation.

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Thank you both, this helps so much!

Another thought…if you got up early for your flight…when we have gone to a park on arrival day it has been to Animal Kingdom. We went Tusker House for lunch and toured from there. With fast passes and a touring plan it is nice because the ROL ends before HEA and earlier to bed to start the next day. This is if you have limited time…we usually only go 2 nights 3 days…this year 3 nights 4 full days!

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For changing clothes (we come from WA so often in cold weather clothes), we change in the bathrooms at MCO. As soon as we walk outside the overwhelming heat and humidity (yes, even in March) takes over and we are much more comfortable in flip flops and shorts. We do this in Hawaii too. Have a great trip!


Thank you, I anticipate that we will be back to the hotel by 7pm no matter where we go the first day. We have to get up at 4:30am to make our flight, so we won’t be staying for any end of day shows that first night. I appreciate your idea, thank you for sharing.

We are also going to be there in March at WL! I don’t have anything else to add other than excitement for our upcoming trip.


I’m excited for the both of you too! Have a great time!

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