First ever pin code, but

When I enter my info, I get an error message that the information doesn’t match. I’m pretty sure I know my last name and zip code. There is no way I could use it at this point anyhow as I have a Christmas trip already booked using the “Ultimate Disney Christmas” deal so I don’t think it would end up saving us much considering all the included “magical extras”. I would like to compare the prices, but since it says I’m not myself I guess I can’t (?).

Did you live in another city? Any chance it is a family member’s? My son got a pin code, to my old aol account.

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Oh my goodness. I had tried every last name in our house (3), but it turns out it is in my mother’s name! So I guess I didn’t get a pin code after all, I just got the email. I haven’t lived in the same house as my mother for 24 years, BUT she was on our reservation when we rented DVC last fall.

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I couldn’t figure out when it was my son’s. Since we have the same last name, it was his zip code that unlocked it.

I’ve seen reports where people have been able to use them even when they’ve been sent in another name. Might be worth a call.

Last time I got one, it was attached to my address from 15 years ago. And we are frequent visitors, so they definitely have the latest and greatest address and I have always kept my same email address. I don’t know where the heck they pull their info for the pin codes, but it’s really, really old!

“Pin Code”???

Disney bestows exclusive deals on “random” recent visitors. Like bounce back but more so.


This is a pretty good explanation of how they work (no idea if the ‘tips’ for getting one sent to you work—I’ve never tried):

Received my first PIN code ever this week - deals were… completely meh.
Best rates I found were beginning of April with Values at $105 and CSR at $124, but other dates I searched were nowhere near those.

Have heard people talk about codes for so long, I was kinda disappointed.

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Got it. Thanks. Had never heard of this.

After I figured out who it was for, I checked deals and it didn’t apply to any room that would actually work for our group during our trip. I was hoping maybe we could switch from 2 rooms to 1 villa at similar cost (it claimed to be a deeply discounted room), but it doesn’t apply to villas/suites so it doesn’t work…which is fine…because we’re already booked!

I got my first one ever this week as well! It is only for 11/29 - 12/20 so I can’t use it. I did search one weekend in december and the resort I wanted wasn’t available. Just wanted to check the rates. It did say CSR for “as low as” 150 before tax.