First day touring

Hello! I am trying to plan a trip for this fall. It’s going to be 6 day/5 night trip with one night at the Halloween party and at least a day at the Food and Wine Festival.

I’m having trouble on arrival day. My flight lands around 10 a.m. with transportation provided by Magical Express.

My question is what is the best way to spend this first day?

I’m not sure what time I can reasonably expect to be in the parks (I’ve never flown to Orlando or used Magic Express) and how much time that will give me to tour. What would you recommend?

Also of note, I haven’t been to Animal Kingdom or the studios in years, so I want to do as much as I can in those parks. Could either of those go on the first day or do you reasonably need more time?

Any recommendations you could send my way would be appreciated!

It depends on the park schedules. If you are going to F&W, you don’t want to do that on the weekend. So that should play into your plans. The days of the Halloween party the MK will close early, so if you want to do a full day at MK, you will need to plan that on a day there is no party.
Are you going to RD the rest of the time that you are there other than the first day? If you are going to the park on your last day, how late is your flight?
Do you have park-hoppers?
There are a ton of factors, if you are interested in any of the shows at HS, than you need more time. AK really depends on what you want to do there, but it is a large park with a lot to explore - so if you are interested in the shows & the animals, you probably want longer there also.
I would look at the TP page on each of the parks, see what interests you so you have a better idea how long you will want to be in the parks.
I think that you shouldn’t expect to get to the park before 1 - although someone else may be able to give more incite. I usually fly in later and don’t do a park on my first day

I’m planning on doing rope drop everyday and I do have Park Hoppers. As for the departure flight, that will be on Saturday and I didn’t get a ticket for that day. I’m just planning on doing Monday through Friday.

There are three parties that week: Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. I’m going to the party on Thursday. So MK closes early those days.

Monday MK nd Epcot closes at 9 p.m. and the other two close at 8 p.m.

I am going to be going in Sept and going to the party also, not exactly the same, but here is what I am doing.
Get in late Tue,
Weds EP between 9-10 , do a ride or two depending on crowds, then explore F&W. To AK by about 2:30 - stay till close.
Thu is a non-party day the week I am there, so RD MK, then break in the afternoon & back to MK at night
Fri - MK for EMH - leave around noon - back by 4 for party.
Sat, EP until around 1, break then HS
Sun - RD HS - break - then MK for party (I am going twice)
Mon - AK - EMH, until 2 - then disney springs - late flight back
I split AK so I can do RD - but also experiance it at night - and two shots for FoP FPP.
I would not suggest HS on your first day - unless you don’t want to do TSL, the further out in your trip the better chances for Fast passes.
I would say AK the first day, then RD it on another day for 1/2 day. Maybe on your party day.

Thank you!