First day time of fast pass?

Hi! My cousin and I will be landing at MCO on Sunday April 17 around 10am. I’m wondering what time you think we will actually get to the parks? We are taking the magic express and are staying at CBR. I’m asking because I’m wondering what time we should try and book our earliest fast pass for? Would 2:30ish be OK to book our first FP+? Or, would you recommend later? I’m not sure how long it will take us to get from MCO to CBR to MK. If we can’t check in right away, we were planning on leaving our bags with bell services or something. We have ADR at Chef Mickey’s at 6pm, and chose MK the first day since it’s open the latest and we can just take the monorail over.


I land on the 17th at 1:00! (Sorry, I had to get that out of my system!). I expect you will get to the resort easily by noon. Even if you have to check in, check your bags and then wait for a a bus 2:30 should be plenty of time (that will give you until at least 3:30 to get there).

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With a similar landing time, I made a FP for 2ish and had no problems. I would think that 2:30 would be fine.

Edit: Don’t forget that walking is an option when going from the Contemporary to MK. The monorail is great, but walking back to the park is likely faster than taking the monorail.

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