First Day Plan Help

Am I understanding correctly that We start our day with a round trip on Hogwarts express? We are staying at cabana bay. How do we get to the appropriate entrance? Help!

OK Firstly these plans don’t work like the standard plans due to the hogs exp. I am assuming that this has been optimised and that doesn’t work. I haven’t looked at this plan in its original format recently and I am on my phone but first you are arriving by h exp. Start again copy and make arrival at main gate not by train or kings cross etc And then only evaluate do not optimise and that should work. It needs done in the order posted to work. This is a very unusual situation. Your break is between your 2 train journeys and that’s when you do part 2 matching up arrival departure times with your part 2 start finish times.
So park 1 for x time
Take train
Park 2 x time and break in Park 1 plan
Take train back to park 1
Continue park 1 plan.
You can add extra breaks for food but DO NOT OPTIMISE
Hope this helps