First cruise...with a 3yo

Are we totally nuts for wanting to cruise with him? We are opting for the cruise as opposed to WDW with the little guy…we did the world with the other 3 this year, but since we both really wanted to try a cruise, we decided to try this way.
Will he be too little for the kids club? We are thinking about the 4 day Bahamas cruise since neither of us have cruised before. Thinking about staying on the ship for most of the day in Nassau and just hitting the beach in Castaway…with a 3yo, not sure what activities he would be able to partake in. I’ve never taken a little one on a big vacation before…any advice?!

Also, can we take Happy Limo or something smiliar TO Port Canaveral and then Disney ME back from the cruise?

Has anyone ever stayed at that hotel that’s connected to MCO?

We took our 1 year old on a cruise and had a great time. Yes your 3 y o is old enough for kids clubs.

We’ve taken kids on big vacations since they were 9 months old. You can do it!

I liked Happy Limo, but prefer Quicksilver.

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Port transfers can be booked one-way only (they are not free like ME to WDW hotels) so you could take a car service there and take the Disney port transfer back to MCO.

The transfers are available to the port from MCO or WDW hotels, too.

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Hi! I think in order for your 3 year old to participate in the kids’ clubs, they will need to be completely out of diapers and able to use the bathroom on their own. That being said, the kids’ clubs are wonderful. They will feed the kids at mealtime and engage them with great activities. We took our older son when he was 4, and he never wanted to leave. In November we’re taking him (now 10) and his little brother, who will be 5.
We’re flying in 2 days before and staying in a hotel near the port, where we’ll spend one day at the space center and one at the beach. I haven’t booked it yet, but I’ll probably book the Disney bus transportation one way, probably back to the airport.
We all loved Legoland this past October, but it’s a fair drive from the port, and it’s just another theme park if you wanted to avoid a stroller in a theme park. I think the cruise for the 3yr-old is less strenuous than WDW. It will be a wonderful vacation!