First timer with a trip planned in October. Have just noticed that MK times have now changed on the day we visit with a park closure of 7pm. Does that mean there will be no fireworks?

Check to see if Mickey’s Halloween Party is going on that night. If so, the rides close early to people who didn’t buy tickets to the party. If so, you may want to either buy tickets to the event or reshuffle your days.

We are planning an October visit as well and have assumed MK fireworks on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Saturdays. That seems to match up with with the published park hours. MNSSHP days (Tues, Thurs, Fri, and Sun) are actually great days to visit the park in the morning, provided you get out before the party goers start streaming in between 4 and 5. We have stayed until almost party time before and it is a little depressing - even though we were ready to go it still felt a little like being told leave, which isn’t fun.

Rudely kicked out better describes my one experience with this…

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I keep stalking the Google Machine searching for MNSSHP dates, but they haven’t been published yet. The Disney site has different wording on the event, basically saying check back soon tickets will be available closer to the date. I’m hoping it starts the Friday we’re there. My guess is those 7 pm closure dates in September will be party dates.

Rudely kicked out would also be my experience with this as well…

Hi Gubnet,
Disney just put out the 2017 dates for the MNSSHP. Hope it helps.


I’d bet dollars to donuts :doughnut: that there’s a Halloween party that night -– though sometimes it’s a private event.

Thank you ! That is too sweet of you to let me know!