Fireworks watching

Hi everyone,
I called yesterday to reserve a boat for fireworks. After an hour and 40 minute wait, I was told the boat was sold out for Epcot. It is 424 with tax which is kind of steep,. I was, still am, hoping for a dessert party by the end of July, but if not I was considering this boat tour.

But if I can’t reserve a boat and there are no dessert parties, does anyone have a suggestion how best to watch the fireworks, like what is a good time to start reserving a spot and what is a decent spot at both parks? Doesn’t have to be the “perfect spot”. MK starts at 9:15 and Epcot at 10. I hate having to give up 2 hours of park time just to hold down a spot but if that’s what I need to do then… Just curious to hear from anyone who has been to MK or Epcot since the fireworks came back earlier this month what their experience was? Thanks

I dont have a lot of Epcot experience. I Only saw the show once on a trip but the lagoon is huge and there are so many spots to watch. I just stood back 10 mins before and watched. I wasn’t up against the fence so people were in front of me. An hour before should be sufficient. Usually at MK I find a spot an hour ahead of time and hunker down with a snack. I’ve heard the bridge in France is a good place to watch but it probably fills up early. I don’t know for the newer shows where the best spots are.

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With the current EP show, all the action is up in the air, not on the water, and it’s not really facing a specific direction. Anywhere around the lagoon should be good. You might not want to be directly downwind.