Fireworks/Nighttime Shows

We won’t be at the parks until October, so I know I’m asking way too soon, but if you could only choose one which fireworks show would you go to? My kids (who will be freshly 7 & almost 3) are not night owls, but I know they’d enjoy at least one night of fireworks. We aren’t going to a Halloween party because of the aforementioned non-night owl status, so I guess I’m choosing between HEA, Fantasmic, Star Wars: A Galactic Spectacular, and Epcot Forever (which I know no one can have an opinion on yet). We have both MK days scheduled on party days, but will have hoppers, so we could go back for fireworks on any day.

Happily Ever After

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For me it’s all about Fantasmic. You can Google each of the shows and find videos of the entire performances to help you decide. I know this takes away from the AWE of the experience but as Seargent Mom ordering everyone around I feel I have to give up the surprise factor for myself to make the best decision possible for the troops.

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For me, it would be HEA. There’s just something so classic about fireworks behind Cinderella Castle.

HEA. When kids think of Disney & fireworks - they think of the castle. Besides, it beautiful!

HEA and I find it is never too early around here to think about any plans :slight_smile:

Our children, now 25+, still talk about Tinkerbell flying … HEA.

HEA is the better show, but it’s harder to get a good spot and you have to stand in crowds. It’s hard for a 7 and a 3 to see the castle. My second is definitely Fantasmic! Great show and lots of bleacher seating.

Loved the MK fireworks at MVMCP last year. My daughter watched a video of Fantasmic and we are not doing it with a 3 year old and a 13 month old. I am looking forward to Epcot Forever. For non night owls, I think ROL is at 7:30 in October.

Fantasmic! is my favorite show too, but my 3 y/o would be terrified by the dragon and some of the other scenes. I think HAE is better for a 3 y/o (which is part of the original poster’s group).

Thinking ahead for my next trip. Kids will still e young so I have the same dilemma. I don’t want to deal with crowds and dessert party not really appealing. Is there a point to seeing HEA offsite? I know the projections are key. I was thinking of watching from GF or should I bite the bullet and watch in park. If we stay up to see it we may as well make the most of it??

Another vote for HEA. I was apprehensive about it with my young kids, too. It turned out to be the best moment of our trip. Wouldn’t miss it.

Yet another vote for HEA.