Fireworks in front of Casey's

Does anyone know if you are allowed to watch the Enchantment fireworks by standing up against the fence on the south side of the Plaza Garden West (in front of Casey’s)? Are people allowed there or do they keep it free for foot traffic? Can I get a spot there 30 minutes ahead on a level 6 day or do I need to be there sooner?

Yes. I have stood there and it’s great. Sometimes you get someone with a kid on shoulders but otherwise it’s a very good spot

Thanks. What are your thoughts on when we need to get there?

We squeezed in relatively last minute. I would probably aim for at least 30 mins ahead just to be safe. We only did it twice - maybe others have additional insight regarding timing.

End of May CL5, we tried to go to that spot an hour before fireworks and it was already very packed. We ended up a little way down main street instead.

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