Fireworks Holiday Dessert Party 2017 is now available!

The Holiday Wishes dessert party for MVMCP 2017 is now available for booking. $79/adult, $47/child

There is no premium parade viewing at this year’s party, and seating at Tomorrowland Terrace is “first come, first served”

Update… after noting that the price remained the same even without the parade viewing, I decided to call and see what the dining hotline had to say. Here’s what I posted in the thread about the Halloween party dessert party…

"Okay… I thought it was weird that they were charging the same rate and not including the parades for both Halloween and Christmas, so I called.

The CM said that according to the documentation she has, yes, it does include the parade viewing, and that their in-house description says “Enjoy the _______ parade, after which you will be taken to the Tomorrowland Terrace restaurant…”

So the Fireworks Holiday Dessert Parties in December are available now, but the regular Fireworks Dessert Parties from October through December are still not yet available. That makes sense.:confounded:

The MNSSHP and MVMCP dessert parties went live at the same time. I’ve checked and there’s nothing else yet (CP, RoL, etc.)

Yep. I’ve been checking every morning for the last couple of months. There’s no SW dessert party for that time frame yet either.

LOL, there’s no SW fireworks scheduled for the entire week I’m there yet!

It’s definitely getting frustrating. They expect us to know exactly which parks we’ll go to 180 days in advance so that we can make ADRs, but they don’t know if they will have any of the dessert parties at - let’s see - I’m at 114 days out now. We all need to work any dessert parties around our ADRs, so it would be nice to have everything available to book at the same time.

I have always heard you should plan to eat before the special event parties because due to the cost of the tickets, eating during those limited hours is wasting very expensive time. For those who have been, are the parade/fireworks viewing areas so good that they offset the additional expense of the dessert party plus the cut into touring time? I wonder if it would be a better use of time/money to attend a dessert party on a regular park day. Any thoughts?

I think it comes down to your main goal in going to the party. If you’re really focused on the party events, with a handful of rides with short waits thrown in then it’s definitely worth it… there’s plenty of time to do all of the other party stuff either before 8:30 or after 10:30. If your goal is more to ride as many things as possible with the shorter lines, and also see a little of the special party stuff then it would not be a good use of the time. See, we go to the parties and focus more on the special party stuff, and I don’t think of the dessert parties as time spent "eating, so much as “eating during the time I would otherwise spend staking out a good spot”. With the holiday dessert parties that include parade viewing it’s even less a “waste” of time as long as you’re planning watching both the parade and the fireworks, and you’re not going to want to leave at 10:30, after the fireworks.

I block out a generous 115 minutes in my plan (I enter it as a meal at Tomorrowland Terrace, and enter the check in and parade viewing times in the notes), from 8:30-10:25 (they actually tell you to be at the parade viewing spot much too early in the party info… it doesn’t get to the front of the park until 20-30 minutes after it steps off so you can get there much later than the suggested time, and the fireworks will usually be done by 10:15 but the extra time is for in case they start late). If you put those two things into a TP, along with a 20-minute snack break you’ll find that it blocks out about 95 minutes total time, with 15 and 20 minutes waiting for your spots. I’ve found that it usually takes more than 15 minutes waiting to get a front row parade spot, though, and unless you’re all the way back at the start of the route in Frontierland it can be difficult to time when it will actually reach your spot so the actual time to get a spot and watch the whole thing is a bit longer.

Thank you Nikkipooo, you answered exactly what I was wondering. I love rides, but my husband and two sons want nothing to do with them. Because I have already “done” Disney, and this is their first trip, I am foregoing rides to concentrate on experiences - which is ultimately why I decided to go forward with the MVMCP even with the added expense. I thought this would be the best time to allow my kids to meet the characters.

My husband hates waiting, so I would be willing to pay extra to not have to arrive 40 minutes prior to parade or fireworks time to get a good spot - since waiting would be replaced my noshing! Can you explain how this works? Do you show up at the designated parade area before the parade, watch the parade, then go directly to the Tomorrowland Terrace to snack and view the fireworks? Or is there time between the parade and fireworks?

You check in at Town Square between 4:00-7:00 and they give you a souvenir lanyard credential for each person in your group… only one person need be there for that, but I think it needs to be the person whose credit card was used to book the reservation. The credential will have all of the check-in times and locations printed on it, but if I remember correctly (I thought I’d taken a photo of mine from the Halloween party last year, but apparently not… I’ll try to find it this weekend and update my post if I do) it was suggested to be at Town Square between 8:00 and 8:30 for the parade viewing (the viewing area is the circle in the center of Town Square). The parade actually arrives around 9:00 if it’s on time and takes about 25 minutes to go by, after which the CMs who’d been guarding the viewing spot will put up their stuffed Mickey hands and lead the dessert party group right back to the Terrace by the back way (you go back to the right of the Chapeau and through a backstage walkway that opens out onto the covered walkway near the bathrooms at the Terrace) and everyone lines up for entry… they hand out sparkling cider as they seat groups, just based on who’s in line first. Once you’ve got your seat you can help yourself to the desserts and other drinks until the fireworks begin. If anyone doesn’t want to watch the parade then the credential has a time they will be allowed into the Terrace with their credential… I think it was 9:30, so there may have been a person or two in line before the parade group arrived.

Once we arrived for the parade (around 8:15)and had gotten a spot, I took the youngest two of our group over to Town Square to see Talking Mickey and Tinkerbell with absolutely no wait at all… there wasn’t even anyone waiting to see either of them after us so they had nice extended visits… I’d definitely recommend using this little window of time to visit them! Town Square also has a restroom and a PhotoPass printing/viewing center so you can go one or two at a time while you wait for the parade. There are bathrooms convenient to the dessert party too, but there’s really nothing else there.

I’ve been trying to get plaza view dessert party but unable. If I can get this one at least by extreme luck instead, how is the view of the fireworks.?

I’ve got lots of photos from the Halloween dessert party… let me find a link. The view was good… it’s off to the side a bit, but still very good and better than standing or sitting on the ground (which is the only way you’re going to get a dead-center view).

I’m uploading a short video clip. It was taken from just about as far back under the roof as any seat gets… we had 10 people, so we were at the biggest table and I was at the back of it. We were also in the corner the furthest to the side. Even from there the view was still good… the very top of a few of the highest explosions were cut off by the roof, but not enough that it bothers me.

Thank u! That was so nice of u. I just hope to get tickets for anything. I’ve been trying hard since my 180 day . Especially since my husband is disabled and wouldn’t see very well otherwise. I guess I’ll just see what happens or stake out a spot for 4 hours . Ha ha

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The Fireworks Dessert Party has opened up for October 2017 today! I just booked ours!:grinning:

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Also, at least some of November as I was able to book our date for November 5th which is a non party night

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I booked for 11/29 today, so I think the whole month is open!

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Thank y so much for this thread!!! I’ve been so sad that this party was sold out already. I just lucked out and booked for 11/29 too😊