Fireworks from CR

Heading back in February, and wanted to see options for firework viewing at contemporary (if there are any?)

We fly in a early afternoon flight (arriving at 3:15) and have Chef Mickey booked for 6:30. Not sure I want to enter the park, but wanted to see if viewing was even an option? Would we have more luck taking the monorail and viewing from the Poly?


PS- we are not staying at CR, just having dinner there :slight_smile:

There is an outdoor terrace on the 4th floor at CR. I have enjoyed watching the fireworks from the terrace. You cannot, however, see the projections on the castle from the terrace (I don’t think you can see the projections from any location outside of the parks).

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Have you considered the California Grill at the top of the CR?

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I haven’t done the 4th floor terrace, but have heard it is lovely. Just keep an eye on the schedule for the highway in the sky progressive dining event. I may be wrong, but I believe that they use that spot, so it may be blocked off to the general public if that event is happening.

I absolutely loooooooved the view from CG. It is absolutely beautiful. You can see that the projections are happening - so if you’ve seen the show before, you’ll kind of know what they are based on previous experience and the music playing. If you don’t want to shell out for dinner at CG, you can go for food or a drink at the lounge earlier in the day and then use your receipt to gain access in the evening.

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i’m not sure we are up to “signature dining” with a 5 year old. But the restaurant looks yummy so maybe in the future

Is this space available for anyone to go and watch?

When i was aw WDW last fall, the space was available for anyone to go and watch. I don’t know if there are times they close it off due to private events or the monorail progressive dining event.

I also highly recommend dining at California Grill and watching from their outdoor terrace. I have done that a few times. Every child is different, but my DD3 enjoyed California Grill last fall. Like most WDW restaurants, it is child friendly even though it is a “nice” restaurant.