Fireworks dessert party: plaza or terrace?

I know the consensus is that the plaza garden viewing is the better viewing… but my question is how much better? I’d prefer to do the tomorrowland terrace and be able to sit during the show, especially as we will be doing extra magic hours that evening so will have several more hours of touring afterwards.

Does anyone know what we’d be giving up? Will we be able to see most of the projections, or none at all? Or will they be distorted?

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Here’s a good review with lots of photos to help you understand what you can see from the two choices. Even though the Plaza Garden option does not have chairs, you will likely have plenty of room to sit on the ground (before or during). Or you can lean back against the fence.

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I think the garden view just gives you a straight on view. The Terrace View is good!

We did the garden party and the view was amazing. We had to stand during fireworks but could sit on ground before and after. Everyone cleared out before the second very enjoyable projection show. We sat for that one. It was a highlight of our trip.

I did the Plaza Garden dessert party last year and I’m planning on doing it again this year. I’ve been checking the dates so that I can actually book it about a dozen times a day for the last month and they’re still not up yet. So frustrating!

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We have done both and much prefer the garden view. The terrace view is off center, so the fireworks appear in the wrong place to me in relation to the castle. But I might be obsessive about the view :wink: and most people would probably not notice. The seats in the terrace are nice, but unless you have the front row of seats, you might need to stand to have an unobstructed view. Both times we did the terrace party we were at tables right up front. It seemed that there were a lot of people back behind us without the best view.

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Thanks for the info! We now have reservations for the garden plaza view.


Did Garden view 2 weeks ago. I’m a senior. No problems. Leaned on a fence for a while. Plenty of room. FYI - better food at the starwars fireworks plus they served some alcoholic beverages

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We have booked the Terrace seating. Would we be able to move to the garden view if we want, or would we have to stay in the Terrace area?

I would assume that you have to stay on the terrace. It makes no sense to move down, if people did this then the garden view would be too packed and loose it’s paid-for-VIP-quality and it wouldn’t be fair.

The thing is the garden is a lower premium area at least price wise. It is also significantly more crowded than the terrace. It is a better straight on view but there are advantages unique to both. I would suspect you are right and they might say no. I seem to remember someone being able to do this in the past. You could always ask, but you are paying more for the terrace.