Fireworks Dessert Party at Tomorrowland Terrace Availability

I have tried to get the Dessert Party Viewing at MK since 6AM 180 days out! Not Available??? Do they not open up the option that early or is it really all bought? I go to WDW almost every year, and I’ve NEVER had so much trouble booking dining as I have this year. The day my dining options opened up, I was on line early and tried so many times to book something decent, but Disney’s website was not cooperating and actually did not open my travel/length of stay window until the next day (after my many calls to guest services about it). I’m just so unhappy about it all. Very frustrating. I am taking my folks for their 60th Anniversary and wanted everything to be perfect. I know…I need to chill out, right :slight_smile: Any chance for that dessert party you think?

There’s been some conflicting info on this but it’s my understanding that they just haven’t become available yet. I would just keep checking every day

Thank you Jeremy, I hope you’re right! :wink:

What dates are you looking for?

I’ve had the same problem with booking the plaza dessert party I’m trying to reserve for 11/29 and have been since may 31st ! I’ve even called the Disney peeps who told me no dates were available my whole stay. Very frustrating. Between this and ROL im going nuts !

We saw HEA twice last week. Once from up front center, and once from further back to the right. It was the most phenomenal thing I’ve ever seen. I thought I would hate the crowds, but it was fine. And I was glad I didn’t pay for the dessert party. ROL I did pay for the dining package with TH, but we still got there very early, and I sort of regretted doing that. I think we could have gotten in standby. Soooo, if you don’t get it, you will still have an amazing experience.

Thanks for that. I’m starting to have little faith in getting the reservations. I was just trying hard for my husbands sake. He’s in an ecv . Do u know if they have view spots for that

The dessert parties do get booked up almost immediately most of the time, so just keep checking every morning for cancellations… unfortunately there are only three showings of HEA that whole week (between 11/26 and 12/2), so that limits the spots available significantly, which just drives demand even higher.

I didn’t notice, but there are so many ecv riders in WDW. You might just need to get their earlier to get a spot, but my 7 yr old could maneuver a spot to see fine, and she can’t be much taller than that. I hate when people put their kids on their shoulders. It’s just so rude bc you are obviously totally blocking someone else’s view. Anyway, that’s another vent if my own, lol

I’ve been checking literally every morning and most evenings for an October date since my 180-day mark over two months ago. This includes at 6:00 am EDT on the 180-day mark. I think that they just haven’t opened up yet.

One of the reasons why I think this is because, when I randomly checked for earlier dates (in July, August, etc.) a few weeks ago, there was still availability. (There might not be for those earlier dates at this point.) But I figure if there were still openings in the summer just a couple months out, how could the fall dates have filled up so quickly.

So I would just keep checking. (That’s what I’m doing.)

House you tried the Mousedining app? it will alert you when things become avalable. Good Luck