Fireworks Dessert Parties

So the Disney website is saying all three Fireworks Dessert Parties (FDP) at the Magic Kingdom are fully booked each day for all of January, February and the first week in March. That doesn’t seem right. Has anyone had any luck booking one of those FDP’s?

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I booked a while ago, but the availability seemed to disappear around the same time that the Early Morning Magic availability did. Unknown if that is related.

it’s likely they are not available to book quite yet

They should be. I booked the MK after fireworks dessert party for 2/11 about a month ago. Now I’m worried about crowds if they are, indeed, all sold out😬.

oh. boo.

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This is exactly what happened… I believe it’s some type of glitch! @etrull77 I’ve been waiting to see if DAH MK dates will be released, if not then I want to do one of the dessert parties at MK. I’m checking periodically to see when they are bookable again.

I booked March 2 about 3 weeks ago.

We’re going in the middle of January and were able to book ours at our 90 day ADR mark.

I don’t know if that is the case for this dessert party on that night, but from my experience many of the HAE dessert parties sell out in advance.

It’s bookable now!!

No they aren’t available. I just tried.

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Really??? You are talking about the HEA firework dessert party, correct? What dates?

I just tried booking for 1/13, 1/14, and 1/15. It is showing nothing available for the Plaza Garden View Fireworks Dessert Party.

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Oh WOW… I see that!! Nothing bookable from 1/1-1/24. I hope they release those dates for you soon. How frustrating!!! :confused:

Disney opened booking for the Plaza Garden View Fireworks Dessert Party.

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