Finding our breakfast

We are down to 13 days and I am so excited! Traveling with my in-laws they are first timers and I am hoping they get bit by the bug lol. We have a breakfast resie at Bon Voyage one morning. Is the best way from Pop to take a bus to HS? Then on to Boardwalk, would we bus there too? Once we arrive at Boardwalk is it hard to locate Trattoria Al Forno? We visited many resorts in the last 2 years but I have never been here. My plan is to walk to international gateway after (is that a long walk?) My father-in-law will have an electric scooter.

You can bus to HS, and then walk or take the Friendship boat to the Boardwalk.

You can also probably figure out a Skyliner route from Pop to get there.

The restaurant will be easy to spot.

The walk to the IG from the restaurant should easily be 10 minutes or less, but you might look into windows, or look at the other resorts.

If you’ve never been in that area, be prepared to possibly only want to stay at those resorts from then on.

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Is everyone aside from your FIL okay with walking a bit? As @seebee mentioned, the only way to get to the Boardwalk from DHS is by foot (a 15 minute walk) or by boat. The Boardwalk is the last stop for the boat, so that takes about 25 minutes even if you catch a boat that’s leaving immediately. I’d allow 90 minutes to get from Pop to the Trattoria if you’d like to take the boat. It’s a fun ride, though and would be nice early in the morning.

The Trattoria is right on the Boardwalk you can’t miss it. From the Trattoria it’s about a five minute walk to the IG.

Would it be easier to bus to Epcot? Or would we be at the front of the park that way?

You’d be at the front.

The least amt of walking might be using the skyliner from POP to IG, then walking to the restaurant. I’ve not used the skyliner, but I think there are some transfers involved, might take up some time, but I have no idea how long

Pop bus to DHS, then walking to BW is an option.

Pop Bus to DHS, then Friendship boat to BW is an option.
With this one, you might want to weigh your options vs walking from the bus drop off straight to the BW vs walking from the bus drop off to the boat launch. You might find you’re better off just walking to the BW.

Hopefully others can chime in. With an ecv, I’m not a great info source.
With an ecv, I’d more than likely bus to dhs, then boat, unless the skyliner from Pop wasn’t a big hassle / wait.

Allowing 30 mins for the Skyliner should be safe, we did PCR to Epcot in 20 mins (from stepping into the gondola to stepping into the park). There is one change, at the Caribbean Beach Resort, but the walk between gondolas is very short, like maybe 20 yards max, inside the station.

About your ECV - they have a dedicated spur in each station for ECV loading / unloading, so you can drive right into a waiting gondola with minimal inconvenience for all parties (the main system is non-stop but the ECV spurs are stationary until boarded).

Just returned from Pop and did the Bon Voyage Breakfast. I would recommend taking Skyliner from Pop to Epcot stop, then instead of going left toward Epcot go right toward resorts. There is no sign that I saw, but go left at the Y toward Boardwalk and you will see it easily. We loved riding Skyliner and would use any excuse to take it! Bon Voyage Breakfast was also very good!

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