Finding Nemo and Lion King Shows

We are going to be at AK Mon 5/14 with no kids, is 15 minutes enough time to arrive before the show to get in for seats? I don’t mind not sitting all the way in front, I’d rather children get the better seats for this kind of thing but I don’t want to miss the shows, but I also don’t want to stand in line forever for a long attraction… Thoughts?

I have gotten in both of those shows 15 min or less prior to show time. I can’t guarantee you will, of course, but I’d risk it rather than stand in line, especially if you don’t have kids that would be disappointed if you don’t make it in.

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Should be plenty for both

We got to the FoLK about 10 minutes early and was able to get in, but it was raining and we got stuck outside. But that theater is pretty big!