Finally, some positive WDW news!

Looks like some of the cultural reps are coming back!!! :heart: It’s a good start.


Whilst this is good to see it doesn’t mean anyone will actually be able to start anytime soon.

There were similar adverts before by Patina, which came to nothing. Even Disney were advertising for nationals from several pavilions during the summer.

Not to mention the US won’t allow anyone to enter the country yet from any Schengen Area countries, they aren’t processing VISA applications. And the previous administration stopped all types of Visas used by anyone on the Cultural Representative Programme or International College Programme. There are a lot of hurdles yet before anything can actually happen.

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So according to WDWMagic who contacted Patina, the reports are incorrect. Looks like they are recruiting kitchen staff but not Cultural Representatives.

Interesting that they specify only the Italy pavilion, not all the pavilions.

Damn! I clicked on this fully expecting that the People Mover made an epic return to Tomorrowland, and opened… How disappointing that wasn’t the news. I guess I’ll have to crawl back under my non-functioning People Mover rock now…:rofl:

Patina only operate the Italian pavilion and Space 220 in Epcot.

Chef de France is run by Brocuse, and the same recruitment company is being used.