Finally going back!...and staying offsite. help?

After a ten year hiatus, my fam is finally spending a day at UOR! We’re specifically going for WWOHP but we’d like to hit some of the classics, too. I’m already intently studying the two-park TP, but I’m strapped by the following constraints:

  • we have one day only
  • we’d like to see the best of both worlds
  • we’re staying offsite

We’re going the week before Memorial Day in 2015, planning to spend that Wednesday at UOR. We’re also planning on buying express pass. Any other suggestions?

With Express Pass, you should be pretty set. Just do WWOHP stuff first and last and spend the whole middle of the day jumping lines on everything else with your pass. Probably don’t even need much of a touring plan in that case, IMO.


The best advice if you want to see most of the parks in 1 day is to get there at least 45 minutes before opening, and be prepared to stay until close.

Also, depending on how many of you there are, a night at Royal Pacific could be cheaper than express passes, so consider staying onsite.

The 2 park plan offsite will probably be updated before next spring because EE at IOA appears to be going away, at least in the off season.

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Thanks @WDWRDpro and @Skubersky! We’re a party of 8 staying at our home resort, BWV. I’ve convinced my family to take a small adventure out of the bubble, so maybe next time we’ll be able to go one step further and make it a split stay

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@kristenabelle, so glad you posted this question. I would love to hear if anyone has done the two parts of WWoHP yet. We went a few years ago just for HP and did everything we wanted in one day easily (with several hours lost because poor DH got sick on FJ and had to spend the rest of the day in the first aid building :frowning:). We really only did HP though. Every time we ventured elsewhere we ran back due to the heat and the lines.

We are going this year as well (after you) but wondering if the new part would really require two days or if we can still get away with 1 day. Also thought about getting the express pass by staying in one of their hotels the night before.

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With eight of you it will be less expensive to book at say RPR even if you only check in and don’t actually stay there. It will also give you EE

I think if I tried to explain that (booking a hotel room for express pass/no tickets/not really staying there) to my father his head would explode. He’s already having a blast figuring out FP+. He’d probably rather just buy the passes. Thanks for the advice though!

I never get sick on rides and I’m so nervous about FJ! I’m hoping a good dose of dramamine’ll do it

The rest of us were fine. Honestly DH should not have ridden it as he can’t do most rides. He has vertigo so can get sick on an elevator (and has). I think you’ll be fine… though they do toss you around a bit!

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