Finalising TPs for 4 & 7 yr old boys @ Universal

Hi all

I’ve never been to WDW and this is my first time using Tourning Plans! Haven’t been to Universal since 2003 and that was before kids. This time is the four of us + my sister in laws family, although they are doing their own planning as her boys are older.
I’ve nearly finished my preliminary plans for our 2 weeks @ Disney & Universal this coming August. We’re staying off site, but are well into booking dining reservations. Think I will be tweeking all the way to July when the FPs open up!!!

I’m planning on three days at Universal. 1 day where we hop on the Hogwarts Express and do a bit of both parks concerntrating on Harry Potter and then a day concertrating on an individual park a day.
Harrpy Potter day



DS2 is small (39.7") and so there are quite a few rides that we couldn’t do as a family (including Jurassic Park and Popeye which is such a shame) and DH isn’t keen on doing things without him… although I’ve not ruled this out completely. DS1 for instance will not miss out on Jurassic Park, but I can’t see DH doing adult rides while I sit out with the kids… just to thin out our choices more DS1 is risk averse! He worried about coming down an escalator last week (no really) and he and I both suffer from motion sickness :cold_sweat:

I’ve left in Simpsons, but in reality don’t think we’ll do it as I can’t manage IMAX or similar and DS1 will be the same… I’m hoping we can managed Spiderman as they love their superheros and where we have “tall” rides the next attraction will probably being done simultaniously by DS2 and me to keep him occupied while Dad and DS1 go off…

My big questions is…
Our TPs have us finishing around 3pm on all three days. Is this too late to then head over to EP/MK for a 6pm dining reservation and fireworks? What time would you aim to finish if you were hoping to take in fireworks that evening? We have NO late nights bar 3 where we have a rest day the next day and so these were where I was hoping to do fireworks with the kids getting a lie in the next day.

Thanks all

Can’t answer your question but you get soaked( like need to go back to hotel and changed) on Bilge Rat so would not do it until about to leave one day. Your current wait times will change over the next few months and be most accurate 1-2 weeks out so re optimise before your trip. I wouldnt make a 6pm Adr for a universal day maybe 8 ish.

Yes and no. If you finish on time, you should have enough time to hop in the car, perhaps go to where you are staying for a quick cleanup, and then go to EP/MK. However, if you are running late you might be a little pressed for time, and you might not enjoy your afternoon touring at UOR with a deadline hanging over you. Maybe go for a later reservation time to give yourself some more breathing room.

Thanks all. Much appreciated. Will consider an earlier finish. My boys would never be able to make it til 8pm without dinner :grin: