Final Questions before FP date

Thank you all for your help over the last few months. It has been really amazing to get some great advice as we plan our trip.

This will probably be my final question before I get to make FP+ tomorrow. I am in Australia, so will be going to bed soon, and if I ask my questions tomorrow day time, I may not get responses as you are most likely all in bed. :slight_smile:

Anyway, this is my plan as it stands. Do you think it looks ok?

Monday 26 Sept - arrive from Australia into Orlando about 9pm. Get to POFQ and sort ourselves out.

Tues 27 Sept - familiarise ourselves with POFQ, relax, and go to Hollywood Studios 12pm - 9pm.

Wednesday 28 Sept - If we wake early, catch boat to Disney Springs and look around. Still recovering from Jet-lag, we will want a midday rest/relaxation, before heading to Magic Kingdom 2pm - 10pm.

Thursday 29 Sept - Blizzard Beach 10am - 2pm or 3pm… then go to Epcot 5pm - 9pm. Not sure if we have time to come back to POFQ between the two parks…so may go straight from one to the other. Long day.

Friday 30 Sept -Long Day - Magic Kingdom EMH 8am - 2pm…then over to Animal Kingdom 4pm - 7.30 if we feel up to it. Only a short stay at AK. May opt to just leave MK out this day (can be done on Sunday, and would give us a rest day) We could just do AK in late afternoon/evening and go somewhere for dinner e.g. - Captain Cooks… ?

Saturday 1 Oct - Animal Kingdom morning EMH 8am - 2.30pm. Afternoon Rest before possible Disney Springs for dinner … if not, rest and relax at POFQ.

Sunday 2 Oct - Free Day (I have done a replica of our Magic Kingdom day plan from Friday… in case we opt to have a rest day for most of Friday)… If we do go to MK on Friday, then this will become a free day.

Monday 3 Oct - Typhoon Lagoon - 10 - 3pm. … then hop to Hollywood Studios to make use of FP for some of favourite rides before heading back to POFQ for early night.

Tuesday 4 Oct - Epcot 9am - 3pm.

Wednesday 5 Oct - DO NOT KNOW WHAT TO DO :slight_smile: or where to book FP+

Thurs 6 Oct - leave.

Have that final day to float. You may decide you want to go back to a specific park etc - just be flexible. You are going at a great time and should have some flexibility to make that decision when the day comes.

You can always hit up the water park again. Or what about doing RD for EPCOT?