FInal plan review

Ok, we are 12 days out, so I thought I’d do one final review of our plans. Would anyone mind taking a glance? Kids are 5 and 8. Didn’t get parkhoppers, but we are adding on the waterparks and more to our tickets. Anything you see you think I’m overshooting? I know there are several early mornings, but we hate the heat more than we hate early mornings, lol. I’ve tried to account for those by very few late evenings.

Arrival Day: Get to AKL around 1:30, head to Typhoon Lagoon for a lazy afternoon, back to hotel and sleep
Day 1: AK RD, 12:30-5 break, light evening at AK, back to hotel around 9 and sleep
Day 2: EP: 8:05GG ADR, do FW until around 1, back to hotel and swim/chillout for rest of evening
Day 3: MK 8amRD, Adventureland/Frontierland, 12:00 Liberty Tree Tavern ADR, 2:00 back to hotel. If we feel like it, a light evening back at MK around 6 or 7 for Tomorrowland and fireworks
Day 4: HS (this is a flexible day, mostly likely depending on what we decided the night before) EMH if we are up to it, then break at noon till 4 OR start at park around 2. 4:10 ADRs at Sci-Fi, stay for fireworks
Day 5: EP Late start, just get there by noon for ADRs at R&C or cancel for Yorkshire Fish Shop. We’ll see how we’re feeling about that after a couple park days. Spend afternoon/evening in WS, Dinner ADRs at Teppan Edo.
Day 6: checkout and drive to see family
Day 7: chill out with family
Day 8: Drive Back, checkin at POR, swim or DS or waterpark or whatever
Day 9: MK RD or whatever, see whatever, done whenever, maybe even hit a waterpark again or whatever everyone wants to do
Day 10: fly home

Looks great. I’ve stayed at AKL before and loved it. I think you might rethink showing up for an afternoon at WS, it is very hot and a lot of outdoors and walking. Try to go to the movies and stuff there to get out of the heat!

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Thanks! How do you usually do WS? I know it’s going to be hot, but since it doesn’t open until 11, I don’t really know that there’s a lot of options. I figured we’d see on our first epcot day if we felt up to going back that evening to do a bit of it, so we could cut down on it the last day. Since it’s the last day, and probably what the kids are going to want to see least, it’s a good bet that we’ll cut this down and just start the day with our FEA FPP around 3:30, and see what we can. Thanks for the reminder, though. Touring plans often look nicer in my air conditioned office in Ohio, lol.

Your 0800 rope drop at MK on Day 2 - is that actual park opening or EMH? If EMH please know that only Fantasyland and Tomorrowland have attractions open. I mention this because you indicate moving through Adventureland and Frontierland.

Otherwise I think this looks like a relaxed and flexible plan that will work nicely!

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That’s actual open time that day. Thanks for the heads up, though, since day 9’s RD is an 8am EMH. Are all FantasyLand attractions open at that point, or just some? I may need to adjust that day’s plans.

Also, are there any other parks that restrict their EMH attractions? Day 4’s HS plan A uses EMH, so just wondering if there are any limits that day as well.

Here is a link to a TP page that tells you what is open during morning EMH:

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All parks restrict attractions in EMH. The above link will help you navigate to other pages with descriptions of each, morning and evenings

Thank you!

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Some WS things open when park opens: FEA, Anna/Elsa meet&greet, Gran Fiesta Tour, and the bakery in France.