FFPs and Cancellations

Here is our situation- We currently have 6 day tickets and hotel only reservations for June 16-24. I have already made FFP for those dates last week. However, there is a possibility that we may not be able to go in June, and have to postpone until July. So, we have booked an onsite hotel for July 24-31 as our back up dates. We will not know for sure if we can go in June (depends on if my daughter has to attend summer school) until June 3. If we wait until June 3 to cancel our current plans, we will be inside the 60 days and I know our FPP selection will not be great. We haven’t been since Pandora or TSL opened, so definitely want to experience those. If I make a package reservation for those dates in July, it would include additional tickets which will allow me to make FPP for the July dates 60 days out without me having to cancel our current ones in June. If I end up cancelling the June trip, would I be able to cancel the July package (before the 30 day cancellation period) and keep the July FPPs since I will still have a hotel only reservation for those dates, as well as the 6 day tickets linked to our account? I really prefer to go in June, so I don’t want to move the vacation if I don’t have to. My husband and I have already been approved for the time off work in June. TIA!

I am more concerned about the recent block to two onsite states. Recently, even though you have a resort reservation and tickets, if those two stays are within 60 days of each other you cannot make FPs for the 2nd stay at day 60. @Nickysyme, do think this was fix with that last update?

I had a stay in early May and a stay in mid-June and was able to make the mid-June trip right at 60 days. Not the same as it used to be, because it used to open early!, but I’ll take opening on 60 days. I also had a split stay in June (3 resorts) and was able to book all days at 60, so they fixed that one too.

Why not do it under 2 different MDE accounts? That way they aren’t linked to each other.

Just checked on the DIS, who have closed the thread after several reports this had been fixed. :grinning:

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