FFP with split stay

If I’m going to stay onsite for 3 days, then move to Universal onsite for 2 days, then back to WDW onsite for a week, can I book all my FFP reservations for both weeks at the 60 day window for the first reservation? What about if I cancel the 2nd reservation within 30 days of check in because we’ve been invited to stay with friends (my daughter lives in Florida and knows people there), will I loose any of FFP reservations or all they all set because it’s within the 30 day window? To make FFP reservations for both weeks at 60 days out from first check in, would I need to have the first reservation be for 5 nights, so both reservations are consecutive, then cancel the last 2 days of my first reservation for Universal within the 30 day window?

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Since you have a split between you stay it is 60 days from each. The day 60 opens up one day at a time after your first stay so you could cancel once that 60 day window goes past your 2nd stay.

So I could cancel the 2nd reservation at say, 50 days out and not have to wait until within the 30 day window?

As long as your last day is in a 60 day window- you are good.