FFP Day was a success

Thank you Liners!!
My Fast Pass Day was a massive success. I got everything at pretty close to the times I wanted. It’s all because of the advice found on this website. Touring Plans is awesome!


Please do boast! Did you get HM?

@quicha - Not to sound like an uneducated WDW person - Is that Haunted Mansion? My touring plans said I did not need it and it only looks like an 8 minute wait in my plan. Plus I think I heard a rumor that it would be closed while I am there??? So I didn’t even try. I did get an am FOP. I also got an am SDD. I would not have been successful without the information I got from all of the people here. Thank you all so much.

Yes HM is Haunted Mansion! The important thing is you got exactly what you needed. Congratulations!!!