Few questions about the Villa's at WL

I am considering a 1BR villa at the WL for next oct or nov.

  1. looks like there is a jogging path and a nature trail that connect WL to Ft.Wilderness. Can you ride a surrey bike on either of these? If so, is one path more scenic than the other?
  2. It says there is a boat that goes to the CR. that would make eating at the monorail resorts convenient. Does this boat run regularly or only during real busy times?

Any other info from those who have stayed here would be appreciated.

  1. You can ride surrey bikes on these trains - here is info on renting them http://www.wildernesslodgesite.com/content/teton-boat-and-bike-rentals

  2. The boats run on a regular schedule - see http://www.wildernesslodgesite.com/content/transportation for more information on transportation at WL

great website! thx for the link!

We stayed at the Villas in January. The boat to CR starts really early, at like 6 AM. One day, they took us to MK for our pre-RD breakfast. The boat drivers are really nice. We enjoyed our stay there, and really liked taking the boats to MK and to CR to catch the monorail, it was super convenient. For MK, the boat didn’t leave until 1/2 before park open but we made it in time for the welcome show.