Few questions about Narcoosee's

I managed to get ADR for 7:30 on MNSSHP night 23rd of October

I think Hallowishes is at 9:30 – is this good time for ADR? What about the electric water peagent

We have this on EMH MK day. The trade-off will be BOG ADR but we have this for 2 nights. It will also mean we have to leave MK to change and chill for an hour.

I also don’t think my family is that much into fireworks but we all love steak and me and my son are fish fans too.

What was your experience with the restaurant?

I think this sounds like a great plan. My understanding is that the signature meals take longer, so you should be just about perfect for fireworks viewing. If you request a window table, then you’ll have to wait a bit, so the extra time will help you there. And if you decide not to wait for a window table, you’ll have plenty of time to finish eating before the fireworks. I’m pretty sure there are great views from the porch outside.

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@SallyEppcot is right even if you finish early you can watch the fireworks from the deck over the water. This is may favorite dinner location on property. The food and service is always great. If you are worried about getting there to early ask for a window seat and wait at the bar if you drink. It is a very nice bar and they do not mind if someone is under 21 there. I actually had dinner there at the bar with my DD5 and the bar tender was very nice and talked to her the whole time.

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I have a similar plan. We’ll be at MK on a MVMCP night. I plan on leaving the MK at 7:00 and taking the mono directly to the GF for an 8:00PM ADR. I haven’t been to Narcoossee’s yet, but based on other signatures I’ve been to, the dinner pretty much takes as long as you want it to; you could order an entree and leave and be done in an hour - or you could do what I did one time at CG and have drinks, apps, entree, dessert, and drinks and make it a 3 hour affair…