Festival of the lion lion king 11 am and tusker house at 11.30

Hi! I have finally found a tusker house reservation with rivers of light!!! Yay!!! But it’s at 11.30 am (no complaints, I’m super happy to have it), we were planning to go to the festival of the lion king at 11… my touring plan is accepting it but I’m not sure how fast it is to get out of the theater or if there is a 5/10 minutes grace period in the restaurant… they are super close, do you think I can make it? Or it’s not worthy to take the risk…


I have a similar situation- 6:00 IJ show & 6:20 sci-fi. I’m looking for a 6:30-6:40 ADR, but if I can’t find one I’m still keeping my 6:20 & just crossing my fingers we still get our table (just a bit late)

You’re fine. This is perfect. They are very close to one another. Enjoy!

THis one is tighter but you’ll still do okay.

I have a 4:25 Tusker House one day and I am planning to go to the 4:00 Lion King show. I was thinking about possibly ducking out 5 minutes early from the show while my family stays til the end of the show just to check in at TH. They are right next to each other so I’m not too worried. Everything I’ve read indicates at least a 15 minute grace period.

Great!!! Thank you so much!!!
@bbaker85 love the expression “ducking out” :smile:

We did the 6pm IJ and had a 6.30 at Sci Fi, we were late but it was fine.

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I’ve been 5-10 mins late before for an ADR, they were pretty nice about it. I’d say you just need to leave without your family just 2 mins before it ends, just to beat the crowds out of there.

They will not check you in for a dining reservation without your entire party present so no point in just you leaving the show early. They are right next to each other, don’t worry about it.


Not good planning to duck out early. And also not necessary. Enjoy the show and go to TH after. Your plan is solid and needs no revision.


Get into the theater at the end of the crowd and you’ll sit closer to the front. It is stadium style and usually the CMs ask that you fill in back to front. Then when it is over, you’ll be able to exit quicker.

Not always true, by a long shot. I find it’s very hit or miss as to where we end up seated. Once we experienced what you say, but more often we have just been added to the back of the pack/top of the seats.

The fact is, the theater takes just a few minutes to empty. TH is right next door. And OP will have no issues getting from the show to his/her reservation well within the 15 minute grace period which is not even a thing in most cases.

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When we went, they tried to seat front to back, we got about half way back, just where the seats look to raise up slightly. We sat on the end in an attempt that our little one would get some character attention and would have some space to stand.

The place was pretty much the quickest thing we went to to empty out!